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Rentrak update: PK grosses $77.28 million (Rs 492 crores) worldwide so far

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It seems these are 12 day collections, as 10 day collection was $69 million.
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Brother they haven't written it correctly,they added US and WW.Its 441cr(69.36ml) acc to rentrak in 10 days,Rentrak 10 day estimated fig of PK(24 markets)- WW-69.36ml dollar(442cr),USA 7.9ml(50cr),Rest 61.45(392cr)

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Its only till the second weekend i.e. 28th Dec its $77.28 millions in 10 DAYS!!

For 12 days will be MORE...500 cr + Worldwide...

Another ATBB on its way.....

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)
Domestic collection is added for 12 days , i am not sure about overseas collection.......
Yeah man, corrected......
@deepak They have mentioned "as per 28th december"
Domestic Overseas of $7.9 millions is till 2nd weekend only i.e. 28th Dec...
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PK still collecting huge numbers in 2nd weekday and now it has every chances to become 1st $100 million movie in Indian cinema.......

Salute to Aamir sir - another milestone in Bollywood history.

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10 days WW collections are 69.36 million = 442 crs
you yourself answered on that question so why giving wrong info..??

by All Time best! (268k points)
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India nett - 235 cr
India gross - 315 cr

492 - 315 = 177 cr

so rentrak is saying dat pk has done 177 cr i.e. $29 million in overseas in jst 10 days. Another height of fraud by team Aamir. Ab toh bharat ratna pakka hai!!

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)
Mera answer dekh idiot
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Saransh ka answer dekh...aur waise wo 235 Cr bhi Inflated producer and B(A) ke acc. Hai...ab ye prove ho gaya ki PK makers ne Rentrak ko kuon bulaya....hahahaha......shame on amiri

by Director (123k points)
Burnol laga hahahahahahahahaha


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