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Celebrating 25 years of LOVE & FRIENDSHIP... Ruling hearts since 25 years- MAINE PYAR KIYA.

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One of the Benchmark movie Of Love and Friendship....
One of the Biggest Hit of All Time...
Lets Revive Some Alltime Dialogues:-
1.Dosti ka ek oosul hai madam ... no sorry, no thank you..
2.Dosti ki hai nibhani toh padegi hi..
3.Ek ladka ladki kabhi dost nahin hote..

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One of the few 90's romantic film that i liked...,......salman was great in the film my family love this film(excluding my brother)especially my mom......for her it is one of all time fav film is congrats to the team of mpk including sooraj and salman.

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Well it is funny but interesting..
in Zee cinema every week either U can see HAHK or MPk or HSSH in either of their network channels..

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Maine Pyar Kiya at 4pm on zee cinema today celebrating it's 25 years.


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