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I am expecting huge business looking at the fan following of SRK in Bangladesh. Minimum 15cr is done.
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Would have created  havoc if released within first week of original release. Since most of the youngsters already watched it in phone craze ia not gonna be same. Besides, there are very limited screens in Bangladesh. Still it will run housefull for at least two weeks. 1 million plus for sure. 
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Not much.

First of all its a small market, secondly it is being released so late, majority of people would've already watched it through other means.
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From what I know, Dr Strange 2 had 57K admits in Bangladesh grossing $280K. That will be a great result for Pathaan.

Right now expecting $50-100K.
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Highest grosser for Bangladeshi films is around $1.5 mil I guess.

Pathaan being a delayed release, if does $500k would be superb but expecting minimum $100k atleast as it's a delayed release.
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