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2Day Darr Completes 21 yrs of Release! SRK mesmerised the audience as Violent/Psycho Lover,Share ur views!

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Some Less Known Facts About Darr:-

Director Yash Chopra initially wanted Ajay Devgn to play the role of Rahul, but Devgan was at that time shooting another movie in Ooty and never got back to him. Then Aamir Khan was offered the role, but turned it down because he was not happy the way Chopra had handled his character in Parampara (1992). Shah Rukh Khan finally accepted the role, and thus began a long association between Khan himself and Yash Raj Films.

Sunny Deol, who was a more popular star than Shah Rukh Khan in 1993, was given a choice by Yash Chopra of either the role of Sunil Malhotra or the role of Rahul Mehra. Deol chose to play Malhotra, believing it would improve his career, but instead the reverse occurred: Shah Rukh Khan's performance was more acclaimed than Deol's.

The film marks Sunny Deol' and Shahrukh Khan' last film to date.

Sanjay Dutt mentioned in a interview in 1995 that he was a part of Yash Chopra's Darr (1993), but Chopra had to choose another actor for the role of Rahul because of Dutt's jail sentence.

Rishi Kapoor was offered Sunny Deol's role at one point.

The idea for the film germinated when Aditya Chopra and Uday Chopra, Yash Chopra's sons, saw Dead Calm (1989).

During "Tu Mere Saamne," Kiran wears an outfit similar to what Sridevi wore in Chandni (1989), in which Juhi Chawla had a cameo role.

The last film with music by Shiv Kumar Sharma and Hariprasad Chaurasia.

The title "Darr" was already reserved by the popular horror filmmakers Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay for their upcoming horror movie, but Yash Chopra requested the use of title from them, and they agreed to let him use it.

Yash Chopra's first choice for Kiran was Raveena Tandon. He had previously enjoyed working with her in Parampara (1992). However, she turned down the part.

Snap' s song " Oops up" is featured in the movie . It appears when Juhi Chawla dances for Sunny Deol.

Sudesh Berry was offered Shah Rukh Khan's role.

Yash Chopra:  [Switzerland]  The main characters spend time in Switzerland.

Yash Chopra offered the role of Kiran to Sridevi but Sridevi did not like the role so she rejected the movie giving her reasons to Yash Chopra.
was waiting for ur post!
Nd here u got it........
Ajay Devgan was in Oaty where was filming his movie called Platform which released on the same year as Darr. Thats why he was unable to do the film. I can't imagine him, Aamir Khan & Sanjay Dutt playing an obessive lover.

Rishi Kapoor wasn't offered Sunny Deol role. I know it says it on the IMDB website but anybody could have edited that. There's an old interview which i found and Rishi seemed to have verified that he was offered SRK's role. Here's the link

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Actually its not Amir who rejected it....Amir ko nikala gaya tha....
Read this-
I'll never work with Yash
Chopra - Aamir Khan
(1994 Interview).
Has it occurred to you that this could be some sort of a defence mechanism? Defence mechanism?
From what? Haven't I worked with top banners,
given successful films?
Yes, but not the way Shah Rukh Khan has in
recent times. Do you feel envious of Shah Rukh's
success? I would if I did not get the response I do
from my audience. I don't think the audience
respects me any less than it does Shh Rukh. That
he has had two blockbusters in a row, which is
what Anil (Kapoor) had after Tezaab and later
Salman (Khan), does not become a barometer for
any star's popularity.
Then what does? Something more long term than
two hits. The current mass hysteria for Shah Rukh
was inevitable. They do that to every hero after a
successful release. I enjoyed it too after Qayamat
Se Qayamat Tak, after Dil. These waves come in everytime there's a hit. It's no big deal!! Would you rate Juhi's performance better than your own? No, I don't think so. I think her
character was spicier than mine. It had more
shades while my character was one dimensional.
But I don't think the audience liked Juhi more than
they liked me. And if they did, then it's their
choice. I accept it.
On to Juhi. While once you two were considered
an ideal pair, today she is rated as a better pair
with Shah Rukh Khan. That's because she's doing
films with Shah Rukh and not with me. My current
assignments include Manisha (Koirala), Karisma
(Kapoor), Mamta (Kulkarni) and Urmila (Matondkar)
(looks out from the window to wave out at a fan
passing by). When you are travelling, what are your preoccupations? That's impossible to answer. I
think of so many things - sometimes personal,
sometimes professional. I muse over my decisions
Do you regret your decision of walking out of Darr?
One, I did not walk out of Darr. I was removed
from the film. Two, I was removed from the film
because I asked for a joint narration with Sunny
Deol. Initially, the director agreed, but later I don't
know why he changed his mind. When I persisted,
he phoned to say 'Aamir, let's work some other
time.' So I said, 'Fine'.
Do you feel bad now that the film is a huge
success? That the film was going to become a big
hit is something I had expected. In fact, that's the
reason I signed it.
Isn't that a contradiction, earlier you said that you
sign films on choice not because they are going
toprove commercially viable?
I said that success and failure are not in my
control. But using my judgement for choosing a
success or a failure most certainly is. And I was
using this judgement when I accepted Darr. When I
said yes to Darr, I was absolutely sure of two
things - one that the film was going to click and
two, that I was going to enjoy doing the role. My
doubts about my enjoying it, surfaced when the
director refused t give a joint narration. In a way I
was relieved when I was finally out of the film,
because this was better than suffering all through
its shooting. If I felt sad, it was about my missing
out on a very good role. Would you work with Yash Chopra again? No. I'll never work with him. Not after this incident. Our
styles of working are different.

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Legendary film, legendary performance....................

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Best of Bollywood...........

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An absolutely amazing performance. One of srk's best though I personally find his performance in baazigar even better. But no one but srk could have played rahul with such intensity.

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I hated darr when i was a kid and my opinion changed over the years , it was a decent film 2/5 ...I used to love this dress of juhi chawla

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