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Imo They will never do so because islaam people will not take this..
Just imagine; they have problem with fakruddin name in kskhh then think if they make complete satire what will happen!!! They will consider as Bhagwa terrorist...
In india muslims have minority card so anything touching Minority is sin here...
Pak or Hollywood can make...
They made Borat or Dictator but this is not possible in india..
Every religion has pro and cons but how supportingly you take this is different things..
Hindu may protest but they are not that aggressive(Even at the time of mnik other than shivsena no one was intrested in protesting which I liked)
Muslim people are very touchy for their people and Religion so It's absolutely impossible to make movie on them atleast in india where Votebank matters..

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I am a huge fan of Aamir & Raj Kumar Hirani. But still I agree the movie is biased and very smartly hurts the Hindus and jokes at the religion. No one can make such movies on Islam because they r not tolerant like Hindus or Indians. Anyways its a movie which indirectly giving directions to Hindus to actually develop and come out of those blind beliefs for their betterment which can actually work in favour of Hinduism &India. Unless something like this is not made against Islam the Muslims will be used by Talibanis using their belief for their benefit . So I support PK.

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Well i wrote this ans for another question which got hidden so posting it here.
He didnt make fun of religion.They have shown only blind belief which people have.
In end he said 'Do bhagwan hota he,ek jisne hume banaya or doosra humne jisko banaya'.
Its better to make Anti-Islam movie in a Hindu dominated country.It would get better response then what its getting now..Movie doesnt exposed Hinduism they have exposed those godmen who fools people and make money.
Its surprising that someone is making fun of my religion and i am laughing at it.If they have made fun of Hinduism then why people are not protesting agaisnt it.They know if they protest it will give more publicity and more people will watch it.That would exposed them more.
As far as making moviw on Islam they can make movie then they can make it but makers should stand by what they say.They cant show anything which doesnt happen.If they do reseach on it and prove islamic belief wrong then they should definately make a movie on it.
As far this question is concerned i think 'Waar' releaaed in pakistani and was successful.Waar showed the true face of if you show anything in movie which general accepts then there will be no protest or ban.And yes Raju Hirani must make a film on ISIS or Taliban and exposed them.

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  1. Majority of Indians are Hindus
  2. Muslims and Christians take it Personally and we all know what happened during Vishwaroopam
  3. In a way Pk Questions all religions.... For Pk all the religions are same. Watch the movie again.
by Producer (107k points)
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NO,they can never make film on ISIS,TALIBAN or any other...........................
and all are aware of vishwaroopam contraversy.
enter image description here

enter image description here

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It is a stupidity to call criminals as Muslims.....Those who kill people are murderers not Muslims or Hindus,,,ISIS and Taliban are not muslims..Using Islam and making Jihad for illiterate people for support...Jihad does not mean WAR or kill innocents....

by Cinematographer (92.9k points)
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In almost every other Thriller film has terrorists shown. Numerous films like

Tiger Zinda Hai (ISIS)
26/11 - Ram Gopal Verma
New York
Black Friday

Mulk and many others.

Emraan Hashmi's - Bard of Blood is also based on Terrorism and then you also have Manoj Bajpaee's - The Family Man.

Here in PK and OMG they showed the disbeliefs of people which isn't part of thier Religion.
Hinduism is followed by 75% people in India so majority will be based on that isn't it ?

You have 90% Hindu culture shown in all movies like All Movies so I don't think people will ask why they are showing 90% Hindu culture in all movies ?
Then why the question is stating that why 80% of PK movie showed only about Hindu culture ?
Its the MAJORITY religion so obviously will speak about the majority 80% and followed by 20% of other religion based upon their size in the country.

Similarly if you have watched Pakistani drama's and some films, it highlights some problems with Muslim culture and people too (not talking about Islam, talking about culture).
They won't be showing Pakistani Hindu and Christian related stuff in their drama and shows.

Its the MAJORITY my friend which speaks.

And in PK they showed the Andhvishwas stuff which can be neglected too even if we don't do it. Simple.

And also the things which showed in PK and OMG aren't related to Hindu culture or Hinduism.
Sanatan Dharma (true path of hindus) is very different than present day many disbelief's of present hindu culture driven by Pandits.

If you would have read Vedas or atleast tried finding your routes of Ancient sanatan dharmic people then you would have appreciated and praised PK and OMG for the disbeliefs which present hindus have.

by Production Designer (12.7k points)
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In USA they make movies critcizing bad part of christian and not hinduism. Jis jagah ke liye jo jyaada relevant hoga ussi pe movie banayenge bhai.

In Sarfarosh Muslims are shown doing anti national activities, uss ko to koi nahi dekhta.

by Production Designer (12.0k points)

Yes obviously, in most USA films they make fun using Jesus (PBUH) name .

They use dialogues like
Jesus Christ **
* shit etc etc words just to look cool.

Note - They don't use bad words for Jesus while using ****, it's just a word attached to name Jesus.

They also play downward for Muslims in their films but not for Hindus and their beliefs.

So where there is majority, the filmmakers will showcase the same.

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