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In multiplex era, is there any superstar's film which trended better than CDI - 10 cr weekend, 67 cr lifetime i.e lifetime = 6.7 X weekend?

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Insanely awesumm trending!

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This is enormous trending.....never ever seen such kind of trending in Multiplex Era for a superstar.

by Assistant Director (57.6k points)
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Cdi ka opening day 3.9cr tha to 10cr wknd tu ghar se laya kya..BTW queen had great trending.

by All Time best! (295k points)
Ques theek se padh, superstars ki baat kar raha hoon....
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Vicky donor...
Trending wise 3 idiots is the best film in multiplex era as it is not only trending superb but also open with excellent response and opening day & weekend collection...

by Star (156k points)
Superstars ki film poochh raha hoon....
3 idiots...
Reason is already given.
No, CDI trended better. Don't forget 3 idiots had 3 open weeks + festive season to trend well while CDI was a non holiday release. Plus 3 idiots was a universally appealing film while CDI wasn't. Still CDI did 6.7 times of its weekend n 3 idiots did 5.2 times.....


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