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Its better than Chennai Express for had a better story.....AB rocks in whole movie.....Nandu Bhide Dimag main keede
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How much research do you do for selecting related question?

by Assistant Director (57.6k points)
Hahaha...lagta hai din bhar research karta
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For you,me and some more people HNY will be liked more then CE..But majority of audience thinks thats CE was much better then HNY.Though i liked HNY but it didnt had good story.CE had better story acc to me.

by Super-star (161k points)
Is this my best post till date??...See Below!!!
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I also liked HNY much more than CE but majority found CE better, Although HNY is more entertaining, CE was a better made film
Both HNY and CE were comedy films but CE had better balance but HNY didn't and even though it had some action sequences but they were too childish, the impact of that one action sequence of CE was more than those 2-3 action sequences of HNY and the real thing is that HNY was too much of childish type, no blood, no serious action, so thrilling moments so it was enough for me but for masses they weren't enough. and also youths didn't like it.

basically i was most disappointed due to a tweet of farah which was "SRK WILL BE SEEN IN NEVER BEFORE SEEN ACTION IN HNY" - GHANTA.....

by All Time best! (269k points)
Agree with last sentence....
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tune jivan ke anmol 3 ghante barbad kardiye........

by Production Accountant (24.5k points)
Tujhe bas ye 3 ghante hi dikhayi de rahe hain.....tujhe ye nahi dikhayi deta ki isne Salman fan ban ke apni poori life barbaad kar li hai

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