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Will Pk beat D3 Opening week record?

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To me it looks out of reach only reason is opening weekend which will prove to be the difference as d3 with record weekend trended exceptionally on weekdays where it got christmas holidays also same with pk but since pk doesnt look like beating d3 weekend so even with excellent wom it would do as good as d3 did in weekdays so it looks really tough though if wom is like 3 idiots then also I would say it would fall a bit short though lifetime it could break.
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Its not easy but i think if wom is like 3 idiots then it has a chance otherwise d3 will remain highest grosser.

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It looks very unlikely right now as Dhoom 3 not only scored big in opening weekend but surprisingly its also trended well & collect huge in weekdays which is very rare for Bollywood movies in recent year.....
But if it somehow cross 100 Cr in its 1st week only then it is possible.......

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