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Kill Dil, Happy Ending And Ungli Update - BOI

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The three major releases of November fared very poorly. The approx business of Kill Dil, Happy Ending and Ungli tilld ate is as follows.


Kill Dil - 30 crore (24 days)

Happy Ending - 22.25 crore (17 days)

Ungli - 16 Cr (10 days)


Happy Ending and Ungli are amongst the biggest flops of the year.

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So the disappointment continue (start with HNY under- performance)..................
Now all eyes on PK and Aamir Sir to save distributor and in that case i can only say All is well........

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i know that hny underperform, btw door me, if hny would have crossed 200 cr but fail to beat kick hen also it would have been underperformer.
Yes this time completely agree with you.........
If HNY underperformed it will be disappoint for SRK himself and his fans. Not for other and not have rights to say that
@Sihan............ Sorry bro i don't know before that you have copy right for Srk.
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Voyanak mahina november....................

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