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Shehzada managed to show some growth on Saturday in the 15% range due to Mahashivratri as mass pockets showed jumps. The buy one get one offer started on Friday evening probably got implemented in more smaller multiplexes on Saturday as harder for them implement straight away like the big chains so this may have helped mass markets. Eventually though it all equals up and these offers dont really add much business.

 The film collected around 6.50 crore nett on Saturday taking its two day total to 12.25 crore nett and it will probably be a 19-20 crore nett weekend for the film which is a very collections.  

The two day collections of Shehzada are as follows. 

Friday - 5,75,00,000 

Saturday - 6,50,00,000 

TOTAL - 12,25,00,000 

Ant Man And The Wasp - Quantamania is doing pretty good business as it collected around 9 crore nett on day two. The Mahashivratri holiday is mainly for mass centres so was never going to help this film much so Saturday was up only 5%. It will probably be another similar story on Sunday as those big metros dont grow much on Sunday. 

The collections of Ant Man And The Wasp - Quantamania are as follows. 

Friday - apprx 

Saturday - 9,00,00,000 apprx. 

TOTAL - 17,50,00,000 appr

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Shehzada is a disaster and only reason why Ant Man is doing this much is because people want to know the future implications of MCU.
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It is shameful that a low buzz film from mcu has defeated a commercial film of so called future superstar of Bollywood.
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I thinks pathaan will collect more than shehzada today.. Congrats to all ashutosh rana fans. 
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As they rightly said,image

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