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everybody knows lifetime of 3 idiots was around 191cr but BOI manipulated under the influence of raju,vidhu and aamir to show that it was the first movie to cros 200cr and they stopped the figure at 202cr.
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3 Idiots was 1st. 100 Crore Movie...Ghajini ka lifetime 88 Crore tha(hungama-95Cr though) and to be honest,i had seen from a trustable site 3 Idiots ka collections 161 Crore hi tha 6 Weeks tak..........even Aamir supported site Ibos Network bhi 191 Crore hi bol raha hai.....but,i had seen from a site,it was 161 Cr till its 6th.,3 Idiots was 1st. 100 Cr movie and CE was 1st. 200 Cr movie....

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Which movies broke the barrier of 1cr, 2cr, 3cr, 4cr, 5cr ,6cr ,7cr ,8cr ,9cr ,10cr in one day?
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Everybody knows the lifetime of hny is 150cr...... Boi and producers manipulated it

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Hahahahaha even in ur i saw in a data last yr of highest grossers they had 3i as 202cr lol,in indicine,hungama everywhere lol..Jab dimag bat rahe the tu kaha tha

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dimag baat rahe the? lol gawar......
Dimag to tera bhi hai nahi
haha beta tumse na ho payega....
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bhai released hone tak 1000cr mt bta dena

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Ole Ole...............................

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