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Earlier I used to see so many retro and 90s films in 2000s and early 10s . Now  most of the screen time is hijacked by dubbed films. I hate this destruction of my culture.
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I can't answer separating north and south audience now. Few years ago, it was different. An Indian movie would be a Bollywood movie. Right now, an Indian movie is a South movie and a Bollywood movie and people have choices. People started recognizing the south stars as well. Whoever does better gets better business. Thanks to Bahubali and Rajamauli, global audience now also care for south Indian stars as much as north Indian stars. SRK tops the list in the world but we know Prabhas or Allu Arjun or NTR or Yash too.

Few years ago, I was against KGF. After KGF and KGF 2, I would thrash several Zeroes even if SRK is my all time favorite.

A Bahubali or KGF is a lot better than even Pathaan. I hope Bollywood learns and gives us better movies.
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Good answer. But I want u to remember that our culture is not oo anteva wawa u u antewa wawa our culture is kukukuku Choli ke peeche kya hai
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That won't, because there's a vacuum of certain sort of entertainment that Bollywood doesn't provide anymore and south movies do.

So to fill that vacuum, people will keep watching south dubbed movies. And since more and more people are watching those, even channels will air those movies more.
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South films have damaged the taste of North indian audience, even though the dumb f@uckness of the North indians is incomparable I still want Bollywood to shove down their throats stuff like Haidar and ankhon dekhi until they start liking it
They can't, even you know that.

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