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Kill/ Dil 1st Week Collections :

+4 votes

Friday : 6.35 crores

Saturday : 5.85 crores

Sunday : 6.95 crores

Monday : 3.15 crores

Tuesday : 2.75 crores

Wednesday : 2.1 crores

Thursday : 1.65 crores


1st Week : 28.75 crores


Verdict- Flop A Huge Disappointment,Performed best in Delhi-NCR

Overseas- Average

in Opinion by All Time best! (326k points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Best answer

I can forsee a flop verdict but at best it would get average tag!
Highly disappointed, the director came back after so many yrs nd result z a flop film!
A superb music album has been wasted by films dull bo performance!
It would hv been a huge success if film had performed wonderfully, Gulzaar-SEL combo rocked yet again this time!
Govinda deserved more screen time! The film script was written in a lazy way!
Yrf should concentrate more on d script now!

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
selected by
+1 vote

It was expected...
Bad songs Bad script bad acting bad direction...How can anyone save such film....
Yrf should change their Creative team...
Too much disappointment.....

by Director (131k points)
Bad songs...........................Really.
Yes I mean it....Definitely one of the Bad album of sel....
Not a single song was worth full....
Sajde and Bol Beliya are fantastic.


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