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Just watched memento and 5/5 best work of nolan.

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I have now watched all films of nolan and he has became my 16th director who's all films i have seen.
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Completely Agree..Till Date One of The Most Mind Boggling Movie...Tyical Nolan movie where he leaves on you to join Diffrent cubes to solve/See the Puzzle....
I was completely blown away when I watched memento first time..
And yess It deserves 5/5...

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I have said it before many times in this forum that MEMENTO is Nolan best work ..... it is also one of top 20 movies of all time ... probably will end up on 16-17

by Production Accountant (28.1k points)
Well for me it will probably end in my top 20 fav film of all time(only hollywood).
LOL not even a single film from Indian cinema features in my top 50 of all time .....  If I will ever make a list Udaan will be at 70-80 I think ..... otherwise no Indian movie on my top 100
Well not for me.if i have to make top 100 fav films of all time list there will be atleast 8 hindi movies with some bengali,south and marathi will be there in my list so there will be atleast 20 indian films will make it to the list and if i have to make top 10 fav films of all time list(which i already made a post in this forum)there will be 2 indian films in the list and those are panther panchali(satyajit ray movie) and pyaasa(guru dutt movie).
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i have also seen all movies of christopher nolan except INSOMNIA.. well, i have downloaded it and will watch soon. can you tell me your rating about this movie

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Which movie?insomania.i rate insomania 4/5 great film but for me it maybe the weekest work of nolan along with batman begins.
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Obviously, its really "one of best" movies of favourite along with The Prestige & TDK. what makes it special is the direction. Well I can guarantee no other director can direct a film like that! Climax was extraordinary so as the original Ghajini. and its a film you can only watch by repeating few scenes when u watch first time!

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