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331 views #PIC OF THE YEAR #HENCE PROVED MAY B THEY R NOT BEST BUDDIES, ATLEAST THEY R NOT ENEMIES ANY MORE! NOW THEIR FANS TURN WHAT SAY!? Picture describes Itself...! They r connected with hearts. No need to show off like aamir he uses salman only because salman has stardom...! Hats off King khan we love u! And we have lots of respect for Both of Them!
in General by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
Edit the question. Remove 'openly' from it. Because i guess most people here are very prejudiced and are not ready to read others opinion with 'open mind'
Btw I forgot to mention the source of these thoughts n comments:
Its Fb n Twitter.....!!:P m not its creator! Just needed ur views on this!8-)
you should've mentioned it earlier. I answered those references and directed my statements to you .
I think there z edit option also!

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I am very to see them together...I hope Arpita's wedding will bring our karan-arjun back...

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)
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Agree with most of the things except that aamir uses salman they are really best friends.

by Assistant Director (43.3k points)
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Everything was ok until u made that lame statemement,which proved again that u r a brainless slumboy.

by All Time best! (295k points)
Bt u wrote it here,means u agree with that stupid statement
Another stupid brainless aadmi spotted! "If I write sth to take others view on it" u think I agree to that!................hahaha(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)
Haha dilip ne teri kehke leli to ab natak kar raha hai
Abbey wo small star fan, kitna marwaayega tu???(headbang)(rock)
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What's Hence proved? Its the media which always tried to create controversies on their statements. Yes they took digs at each other but never crossed the line and disrespected each other. And both of them always said they may not be best of buddies now but they respect each other. Its the fans who are involved in slander and abuses. Wtf is 'They are connected with hearts'. They are not soul mates (if there is such a thing).
Coming to your nonsense statement 'No need to show off like aamir he uses salman only because salman has stardom', what are insinuating by that statement. Aamir is one of the biggest superstars of the country along with Salman and SRK. Its sad u discredited his huge contribution to Bollywood with that lame statement. Aamir is where is he is today purely based on his skills and hard work, he doesn't need to 'use' any one. He is the most unique superstar in Bollywood, only one who went against the norm and still managed to give some colossal hits and movies that will remembered for a long time. Give him some respect man!

by Unit Manager (31.3k points)
wtf!!!!!you got downvotes for this!!!
it's natural.... I'd you wrote something good about any of the the khans you're gonna get..... downvotes, that too plenty of them.!! even if you haven't insulted someone
users here don't like someone insulting their favorite star but they hate praises of their hated Star even more..!!
Ofcourse sir i have to agree with you.i love all the 3 khans so insulting any of them will hurt me as a fan and regarding media well they are just stupid bunch of people who will do anything for breaking news and they are just after the 3 khans or any star just to create news and they just blow out of propotion.
+1 to that. Very well said (y)
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if i find a moment to kill a srk fan i wouldn't waste it no matter what happens or has happened (Grand Nova)

by Super-star (198k points) 1 flag

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