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Kill Dill Saturday Business.BOI.

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156 views business of Kill Dil was slightly down its second day as it grossed around 6.25 crore nett. The business was a down a bit in nearly all the circuits The business for Kill Dil over its first two days is as follows. Friday - 6.50 crore Saturday - 6.25 crore TOTAL - 12.75 crore The film is heading for a weekend figure of around 20 crore nett as Sunday should show some growth.
in General by Super-star (189k points)

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As I said yesterday; film will sink deep with every passing Day...
Movie is very bad and one of the worst movie of 2014....
What happed to Yrf!!!!!!
In place of Yrf production;KD is Wtf production house movie

by Director (131k points)
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So film is a gone case now, it should have shown some growth fire having chances of success but now it will be flop as WOM is also not good

BTW users said that this film will get 3000 screens but BOI said over 2000 so who is right..??

by All Time best! (269k points)
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So 20cr weekend, 33cr 1st week. 48cr lifetime. Average

by Producer (115k points)


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