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Post your review of Kill Dil & John Wick here. Do not Plagiarise the reviews.

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Ok Short Review Of Kill Dill

It has an average story mostly related to Gunday, So nothing special offering , music is good and thats the only good about this film, so no need to summarize the story of the movie, though performance Govinda proved that he is still good and he did tremendous job , we can expect a great villian role from him in future , he might be nominated as best villian this year he nailed it, while Ali zafar did really good in Supporting role, Though Ranveer singh could have done better, while pareneeti Chopra is a waste . Yash Raj is losing thier charm now, with Gunday, Dawaati-Ishaq and now kill dill nothing new offering From Yash Raj.

Film Rating 2.5/5

Business Rating 3/5

Govinda 4.5/5
Ali Zafar 4/5
Ranveer Singh 3/5
Pareeniti :-2/5

Lifetime = 45 - 50 Cr only

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Kill Dil isn't a film which needs to criticise actually coz plot is way old & has nothing new to offer but Ranveer, Govinda & Ali - the killer trio steals the show. overall its an average film, not as good as Gunday which also I think was an average film, but simply I tired of happy ending movies, NEXT LINE IS A SPOILER ...Gangadhar hi Shaktiman hai ! oops notthis one, this one - I would be happy if film had a sad ending, and one of the hero (Ali or Ranveer, Govinda is more of villian) died at last (u will know why I want to while watching the climax) I'm tired of the happy endings, and that would have serve something different, anyway now I'll rate the film 2.5/ time watch

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Daiyya Maiyya from Kill Dil is a very good & fresh song. agree?
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Watched Kill Dill yesterday..!! Not writing a complete review..
Shaad Ali 's direction was poor..story was highly predictable and not so intriguing...A dissapointment for me
Govinda was fab..! Hope he gets more roles with negative shades..
Ranveer did a fine job even though his role was not so promising.
Ali Zafar did a good job but he was a complete misfit.
Pareeniti did a below average job .
My Ratings
Kill Dill -- 2.5/5 +(0.5 for Govinda and Ranveer)
Govinda -- 4/5
Ranveer -- 3.75/5
Ali -- 3/5
Pareeniti -- 2/5

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