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TVF's Barely Speaking With Arnub Episode 2 with Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra & Ali Zafar. HILARIOUS !!!

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Loved the video specially When he called Ranveer singh sindhi then splitsvilla and Pari conversation was big lol...Priyanka beta version2!!!.Hihahaha..
Plus dawate ishq comparision with pari..
He seriously screwed Pari that was Damn hilarious...
Imo in this Video oneliners are better than previous..
Athough srk charm was there on that but arnup completely nailed this Video...
Super Duper Like..

by Director (131k points)
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Nice Share....
Well, you can share to me. I've watched every single video of TVF, even YouTube fest of Mumbai and abroad one too(where they talk about Emosutra. LOL). Plus, I seek for this kind of video where bollywood person share inside stuff to audiences. Like, recently I watched many long video of 16th Mumbai Film Festival. Mainly, about director choices movies. And Script Lab Panel Discussion. That all were very enlightening.
Bhai, moviezfun! Do you still have misconception about me? I mean, if you've then plz tell me, I would to to give my clarification. I really don't wish ki koi mere bare me galat fahmi rakhe and I don't feel shy to talk on that tabhi ek achi relationship ki neev banti hai. People often ignore. But, I can't.
And, specially I don't want ki aapke ke sath aisa ho. That's why asking to you. Because, you're among very few person of forum, I use to like(this is straight statement. So, don't think much. Hehe ) .
Nah re...
I put my point; you put yours...
All clear
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Watched it late night itself. The Kill/Dill team couldn't have succeed to pull it upto like Shahrukh. Well, being witty like SRK is not a child's play. So, what I liked about it is aggression of Arnub. He was really good and hilarious. Usual attitude of Ali Zafar and gorgeous face of Pareeniti. She was looking damn fresh in the show.

Arnub part was written very precisely.

''If we both compared on scale of talent. I would be The Godfather, in IMDb rating and you would be Gunday.'' LOL

by Executive Producer (60.3k points)
You are diehard Srk fan; Accept this..
You liked Srk video more than this..
A person who openly praised Haider criticise bb on basis of logic and entertainment gave 4.5/5 to hny (same as Haider)..
Yesterday you were defending Anurag kashyap scene in hny...
There is nothing wrong to support your favourite blindly so don't get offended by my words..
It's just my observations...
You're first to call me Die-Hard Srkian. LOL Well, if you think. Then, I'm. There is nothing wrong being one.
Waise, I never criticize Bang Bang. Yeah, I said ki I don't have hope from it. That's why I didn't have watched it even. Though, I've this film in my roommate PC. I don't feel like watching it. I that time criticized its songs. But, after passing time, I'm using to like some of it songs like Uff. So, when it comes to Srk, I might be little biased (waise, I don't think so). But, for others I think there is no reason being biased.
Plus, I gave HNY 8/10 and Haider 10/10. Correction in observation. Okay. I gave HNY that high rating calling it the best masala entertainer of this decade. So, yeah I never said ki it had full logic in this movie and it was masterpiece etc etc.. That rating was just like came from my heart. Based on how much I like it. I do this all starrer movies. There are many low IMDb rating which I rated very high, whether be it Love Sex Aur Dhokha or Dhobi Ghat, Shanghai, Guzaarish. Doesn't mean ki I'm based toward all the film. I don't see film like technical views like how is direction and that that. I judge it how much it connects me. That's why I don't like Hollywood Sci-fi and superhero movies. I don't like actions movies. Same happens with Bollywood genre, I'm not much into masala. But, as I like some Sci-fi so I like some masala entertainer too. There is no dilemma..
So, I don't think, I'm following someone blindly.
Completely Agree with u on this mate!......
Regarding Anurag scene. I like that scene. I dint find that like Yuk.. I only things wanted ki that should be more extended and obvious.
I'm telling you, many of this forum member found that Bombay Talkies scene Yuk and offensive where both Randeep Hooda and Saqib Saleem had *** kissing scene. And when I told ki I like Karan Jouhar that segment. People here end calling me you're a ga.y. Arre, if story demands that unnatural(considered only for them who finds it yuk) scene then there is nothing wrong. But, yeah I would not like if they show unnecessarily. That's it.


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