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13th November, Movie buffs remember it for Jab Tak Hai Jaan... I remember it as "Loveria Day", A Day when Raju Became a Gentleman.

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It was after JTHJ only when i started keeping low expectation from movies...Still remember how excited i am for this one..Watched it trailer for atleast times.Had lots of fights nets about clash.When title wasnt announce i use to search everyday about its title..
Watched FDFS.and the crowd i saw at ticket counter is unmatchable till now.But after watching it i was so disappointed that was in depression for that day.
Jthj was bigger dissappointment then

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what do you mean by crowds were unmatchable..??
I mean the no of people who came to watch it..There were our ticket each there was long queue..People came to watch Jthj but it was full so people watch Sos even Sos was full..and crowd was such that it looks like Srk himself s came to sell tickets.
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Love both..... RBGG & Yes Boss both are very sweet movies..

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Yes Boss?????????????????
just liked the movie, both movies were almost of same kind so mentioned yes boss too with rbgg
But the post isn't related to Yes Boss! Anyways, i too liked Yes Boss.
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Love the movie & Song Loveriaa huaa ...

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''Roohhh ne chhu li, jism ki khushbu
tu jo paas aayi, tu jo paas aayi
tu jo paas aayi..''
And that was really some epic romance!

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i still regret why SRK is not making pure desi at heart type of films like raju ban gaya gentleman or chamatkar any more that has huge potential to do great business in india because with theses type of films common people of our country can relate or connect easily .
i think now a days he makes films for only NRI audiences like jthj.



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