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Share your wishes to Anne Hathaway, Ryan Gosling & Radha Mitchell on their birthday. Mention your favorite film of each of them.

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Well well well !!! Ryan gosling is one of my favourite actor and Anne Hathaway is one of my favourite actress ........ Favourite film of Ryan Gosling are Drive, Ides of march , only god forgives , place beyond pines & blue valentine

Favourite of Anne Hathaway - Brockback mountain

Favourite of Radha Mitchell - Man on fire , phone booth

Happy birthday to them , god bless them ......... and can you rate Only god forgives ? I really like that movie , great score , epic cinematography , everyone hates that movie but I like it ...... just want to see your rating for only god forgives ..... come on

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Only God Forgives - 6/10. It was over ambitious. It was slow which was not that of a problem to me but it seemed too dull. I felt disconnected to the characters.. May be because I had kept huge expectations from the duo after Drive.
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Well happy bday to all of fav film of ryan gosling ides of march and only god fav film of anna is brockback mountain and les miserble and my fav film of radha is phone booth.

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Happy birthday ...
Anne Hathaway one of my most favourite actresses... The Darknight rises

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