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Chennai Express's Distributor Share was much more than Jai Ho's Total Collections.Will Salman do this to Shah Rukh Khan in 2015 ?

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Its very clear nd simple....HE CAN'T because he z not SRK, but he can b King, nd that's only possible in keep dreaming Salman, may b sum day u can just get lucky....this SRK really amazes me how he keeps on churning non stop hit for a decade! He has made hit a habit, due to which even a Super Hit seems to b underperformer for many......kya standard h waaaah!!!

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But u srkians were dreaming of 300cr .. uska kyaa hua????????

Tut gye taale...
What abt d one expecting 200cr for talaash nd 250cr for jai ho???
I wasn't here during Talaash and Jai Ho. I joined in April 2014.

Though i never expected this much but i do agree that these films under-performed but u (srkians) won't accept ur star failure./////////// #FACT
If HNY(around 180cr in india,100cr overseas,350cr ww) is a failure then there's nothing to argue wid u.......height of double standard
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Actually Salman Khan did that way back in 2012 itself with Ek Tha Tiger (106.85cr distributor share) & Srk's Jab Tak Hai Jaan (101.59cr nett). He did it in 2010 too which Navo has mentioned already.

Will Salman do this to Shah Rukh Khan in 2015? Salman never "announced" that he was going to do that back in 2012. Whenever he does it, we fans will make sure to notice it & highlight it as soon as possible. We'll not "ignore" it which we did for 2012 again. Also we'll not let other star's fans to wait for more than 1 year to come up with such a comparison.

HNY came up to be his second highest collecting film... So, saying Kick's distributor share is higher than all Srk's films distributor share is lesser fun compared to saying Kick's distributor share is higher than all Srk's films excluding CE would be a lot I mean really lot more fun. Now only difference is we'll have to say,

"Kick's distributor share is higher than all Srk's films except CE & HNY whereas even those two films distributor share is lower than that of KICK's".

I like the number game.

by All Time best! (301k points) 1 flag
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Salman already did it 4 yrs back,when Dabangg's DS was more than MNIK's nett

by All Time best! (295k points)
In india,it released in january,2011..........after 4 month of trolled yourself @Kabir nalayak...
check ur comment again fake champ
I've a 1 and a half yr old cousin,i think her IQ is way more than real champ
LOL, 3I and D3 were never bcoz of aamir.


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