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Tnx a ton Suhas! (rock) +1

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Hot as Hell...
Frankly Too Hot to Handle...
She is damn sexy..
Frankly after this post I am having Fixed Mydriasis....
After Anushka she is the only one who can Arouse Your Emotions....
Bhai Tusse Great Ho..A very big thanks..
I was waiting for this Post... (rock)

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Hats off to your ultimate collection and thunderous post..
From Anushka to Shreya..I am completely blown off...
Seriously waiting for your Next Post in This Series...
Please post Namitha Samantha etc too.....
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much better ,likeable ,sexy,glamouros than overrated fatty anushka shetty.she is also a very fine actress.

Now you're just messing with me.. Never mess with an Anushka Shetty fan.
oh i didn't knew me.but i think here many are not huge fans of mrs shetty.
It's still Ms.Shetty..
@bhide dont know about others but In my list noone can replace Anushka shetty from first place...She is and will always there on top in My desier List...
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Where did this Suhas gone!!

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)

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