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Where does Nanban stand compared to 3 idiots? Did it also do huge business in South like 3i did in India?

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It did good business not record breaking. Shankar made a very loyal remake. The ones who have watched 3 Idiots & loved it would find it hard to "appreciate" Nanban fully. I am one of those.

Nanban had Shankar's trademark songs, the kind only he visualizes & shoots showing Ileana at her gorgeous best as well as hot. The problem was we have loved 3 Idiots & the performances in it so much that we never watch Nanban as a standalone film but compare every frame of it. Vijay's imitation of Aamir throughout is a disadvantage too.

Since I mentioned the songs, watch them when you have time. Tamil should sound like an alien language but visuals of the songs will definitely make up for it.

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I have not watched 3 idiots thats y i liked nanban more.
Yeah man even though nanban is vijay's best film for me it is no where near 3 idiots in comparison i think because i loved 3 idiots to much.
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It is below thupakki business.Here people considered thupakki is better than nanban.But nanban is turning point in vijay career.Even vijay haters appreciated this film alot.Vijay should do this kind of films more.

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