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Why are Diwali releases failing to cross 200 crs whereas eid,christmas has 2 of them?

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Is diwali period not that favourable anymore in comparison to eid,christmas?
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Diwali is slowly becoming diwala for filmmakers and bollywood actually diwali constitute of pre diwqli, worst time to release a film then you have diwali day which again is worst day to release a film now post diwali day is best and it was showed by unimaginable collections by HNY on day 1 i men except fans no one was predicting 40 crs but it did but then well i don't want to say furthu DARD HOTA HAI AND DUKH BHI i think that this is becoming bad for trending whereas eid and Christmas releases got good trendings and even if eid release don't tend will atleast v they don't trend bad i mean it might be to do something with content

i think that biggest reason is that YOU CAN'T CHOSE TO RELEASE THE FILM BEFORE DIWALI OR ON DIWALI DAY unlike Christmas and eid where film release on eid/christmas day(Bodyguard,Ce/3i) or before christmas and eid(KICK/D3, PK) which gives not only more days but right holidays at right time and makers can choose that which date will be best for their film whereas diwali don't give such choices

take a look at example say KICK released on 26th and got eid on Tuesday and was hugely benefited by it whereas on the other hand JTHJ also had diwali on tuesday but they can't release the film before diwali DHOOM 3, PK and dabangg2 got Christmas benefits in weekdays sprry pk will get and d2 and d3 got but with diwali you can't choose you will have to release it on diwali or day after no even releasing on diwali isn't fruitful as diwali day hampers collections hugely and final collections would be more or leas same whereas eid or christmas don't do that release wherever you want you will be benefited but on diwali you have to release it on diwali day if you release before film suffers it might make up on other days but well you just don't have any damn choice during diwali no freedom as to when release the film so it's compulsory for film to

now these are my views don't know whether I'm right or wrong but i think this might be one of many reasons why EID and CHRISTMAS are becoming better than DIWALI for BOX OFFICE

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G3 Bb,K3 Bb....
Agree to your point that you can release a film few days before eid,christmas but never in diwali case as that will make it look like normal release like k3 last year but I still feel hny got a very good release diwali period but next year prdp will get the best possible diwali release timing similar to what got but sadly that had negative wom.
see yes hny got a very good release period but WOM is not good which is actually nowdays holidays in weekdays are becoming very important i mean superstars will give huge opening in a normal weekend too but then holidays in weekdays will add big boost to collections like in the case of kick now many times even eid comes on weekends but many times either gets extended weekend like eid on thursday/wednesday and if on Monday/tuesday than you can release film before same with Christmas but diwali don't give any choice now what kind of weekend will a film get with diwali on tuesday lol imo jthj if released on Friday before diwali would have got  even less collections but in other festivals you can release that film there but in diwali no..
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its not with the holidays but with the content of the movie released during that period that must be accept by all

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IMO You Are Right.

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I don't agree,its bcoz no film has been accepted well.Opening mil raha hai that proves its highly fruitful,while in christmas we've seen underperformers like tmk,don2,dabangg2..

by All Time best! (295k points)
weekdays will be small post diwali period
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Golmaal 3 was a blockbuster that too with a Clash with Action replay- Krishh 3 was a blockbuster too - its only SRK's movie Raone and jab tak hai Jaa - Haa haa haa which were not blockbuster and because of which Such a Golden release period has become Questionable

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It's because the content of movies that released on Diwali have been poor. Wait for Diwalai 2015, PRDP if it turns out to be a good movie will change the trends.

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