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it was me. what are you gonna do about it
i m just gonna ask this question and chill out........

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I never doubted kick not being in top as I always maintained Bb would never beat kick with clash unless great wom so kick was always expected to be in top 3 and I expected hny,kick both to do equally good kick lived up but hny failed.

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I'm the one! And with me there was Real Champ, TB, Thekai etc. So? What u wanted us to say HNY won't even beat the lifetime of Jai Ho?? Even few Salman fans had said HNY won't even cross Ek Villain! Who were they??

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don't try to degrade Srk, he is too big for u that u will waste ur whole life but nothing would happen
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I said in top 3 i didn't said out of top 3 for me top 3 were always PK, KICK, HNY ranking can be anything but to 3 were same always yes i said that HNY will dedicatedly cross kick but i never ever expected such negative response to the movie so I'm disappointed but top 3 will still remain same HNY, KICK AND PK

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i said so what?

nd agar kismat kharab ho to camel(unt) pe baithe aadmi ko bhi dog(kutta) kaat jata hai...

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