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Both films were better dan dabangg2, ready, Dhoom3
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Budget-50Cr,Nett-51Cr.How it got Super Hit tag? should be Flop.
Budget-40Cr,Nett-47Cr.How it is only SEMI HIT?it should be atleast Super Hit.
Shame on Aamir(owner of Boi)...

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Kank budget 60cr,fanaa 20cr.shame on aamir's pet
D:3 was biggest joke ever totally opposite of HNY.I mean,in HNY they showed the heist in perfect way.......but,in D:3,they didn't show how Robbery was's the real difference between SRK(real actor) and Aamir(fake actor)......And D:3's budget was 175Cr,Nett-259Cr.Budget of CE-75Cr,Nett-208Cr.So,CE should be ATBB,D:3-Super Hit/BB...But,you know Aamir is the owner of,shame on kkkkiran's husband Aamir/SRK's pet....
he is SRK's puppet....shame on this puppet
shame on aamir khan and his slum fans.
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My answer:

What u r talking abt : Are u talking abt the BO Status or About the content of the movie??

Below Average ---- can be for the BO status as well as for Content of the Movie....

So for BO status --- He will be WRONG...
But for Content ---- Its his opinion which u cannot deny and he is RIGHT in his own terms bcos there is audience outside this forum which find HNY Avg to Below Avg

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)
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Be thankful to him because he called these pieces of craps below average whereas as i call them WTF was this- And please add Jab tak Hai Jaa - Ha ha ha haa

4/18.....9 min silence for an aamir fan
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Raone is a shame and biggest joke for Bollywood and whatever shame was left it was fulfilled by HNY. I say SRK please stop fooling ur fool fans

by Camera Operator (10.7k points)
Ekta ka bhai Tushar is a shame and biggest  joke for bollywood...shame on tushar.. shame on aamir
stop fooling your fool fans ---------- EPIC LOL
I think DHOOM3 was a biggest robbery shown nothing...contentless movie.....
–2 votes is a flop at BO,Budget 135cr,nett 114..

by All Time best! (295k points)
U know the truth sweetheart......i wont argue
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Dude below average contentwise...... ...hahahah why u srk fans make fun of yourself.

by Producer (101k points)
Tujhe content pta bhi hai kya hota hai??? But since hny release u hv been barking over box office collections of i asked a question in dat manner...
You are not eligible to take about contain, because you are sallu fan.

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