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Ra-one was a well made movie and the buzz around it was at sky high , but still Indian audience are not ready to accept such genre in Bollywood thats why it failed but still managed to be a top grosser, while Huge promotions killed HNY again well made movie but lack of script though entertaining and long length hurted it alot, Multiplex Audience loved it although Single Screen Rejected it thats the only reason it didn't worked out, today single screen is really important to have support in long run although it will be a huge grosser around 350 cr

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Well made movie bt lack of script lol,what the hell does this mean.
Well made means idiot camera work , locations, big budget movies it  doesn't looked third class movie like dhobighat and Jai ho, but for u only one thing
 aamir best (3Idoits) == Srk Worst(HNY)  i guess trolled again
Well shot bol jahil not well made
shame on aamir
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lol..hny is below avg?u need mental checkup...

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Hahahaha.....pagle it is on a brink of becoming a superhit film..

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Lol.....If HNY is Below Average,then All movies of Aamir are Craps(except Darsheel's TZP,DCH)....
Shame on Aamir.

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SRK ko pata hai ke kaise logo ko mamu banana hai.

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Buray kaam ka buraa natija..
kyun bhai chacha
aray haan bhatija...

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Kya bura kaam.....Jai Ho se zyada Bura?????

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