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  • Shehzada had a slow opening day, collecting 5.75-6 crore nett, despite an initial push from a one-ticket free offer.
  • Low ticket pricing is not always effective in attracting audiences to the cinema, as it can result in people waiting for offers and incentives.
  • Shehzada's performance was lackluster in most areas, with only average results in family-oriented regions such as Gujarat/Saurashtra and CI.
  • The Mahashivratri holiday on Saturday may not help boost collections due to the movie's lack of evening momentum on the opening day.
  • On the other hand, Ant Man and The Wasp - Quantamania had a good opening day, collecting 8.50 crore nett, in line with expectations.
  • The film had good advances but slower collections on the day, particularly in the Hindi belts.
  • Ant Man and The Wasp - Quantamania had better collections than Shehzada in big centers and the southern circuits.
  • The weekend collections for the Marvel movie are expected to be good to decent, making it the sixth best Hollywood opening post-pandemic after Avatar - The Way Of Water, Spiderman - No Way Home, Dr Strange: Multiverse Of Madness, Thor: Love And Thunder, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
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Now shehzada Won't be able to cross 50 cr nett collection lifetime
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After a long time I'm going to win ibo prediction contest. So this proves that bhool bhulaiya 2 success was due to the glorious advani. 
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So much for being the next superstar.
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I thought this kid has some star power and I am wrong. Tabu and Kiara seem to be the real starts of Bhool Bhulaiyya 2 asking with Rajpal and others.

There seems to be a long way to go before these boys have real box office power.
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