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Guys, Real Champ,DonBajaj are making fun of my post, they are saying I ain't true SRKian cause I expressing my disappointment though my post. Arrey mein disappointment iss forum pe nahi toh kya mere ghar par kutte ke sath express karu? Real champ wake up mahn. I did my last post of apologizing when I watched movie for 2nd time. Today I went for 1 hour to theatre to watch HNY. So agar mein real SRKian nahi hoon toh mein real fan hone ka dharm kyo nibha raha hoon, movie 3-3 times dekhke. Koi muze focut mein toh ticket nahi de raha. Arey ek fan nahi expectation rakhega toh kaun hater rakhega? Kuch bhi bolte ho yaar, nervous kar dala muze? Kuch bhi?
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Agree with Champ and HHH....see their answers....
See Karan's answer.
BTW, I got what I wanted.
I successfully send my feelings towards fans & towards SRK. So, now I am ready to wait Fan & Raees with difference.
@boxofficemaan hope u got my answer. Whats ur take on it?

u r giving too much importance to urself bro @Boxofficemaan....ignore urself n u will be happy

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Ignore these people..If you are Fan of someone that doesnt mean we should like whatever he do..As audience we audience we want entertainment or some even seek content..But if you doesnt like a movie of your fav then you have right to criticize..
I Love Srk..But still I feel i feel Aamir is better actor then Srk..then does that mean that i am Fake Srkian.some people say this..but still its my opinion you cannot change it...I didnt liked Don2 and its my opinion and people said my taste and it doesnt matter for me..but some people start calling me fake Srkian and i didnt liked it..If you dont like my opinion i dont want you to respect it but still dont call me Fake..
People should understand that there should be difference between Someone as a Fan and an Audience..I went for HNY as a Fan but came out as Audience...Same for,Ce or Jthj..
So I would advice you to ignore them...

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Thank You !
Haha....this fake karan didn't like MHN,Don 2,VZ....He liked D:3 liked D:3,Kick more than MHN,VZ,HNY,Don thinks,Aamir in AAA was better than SRK in KHKN.Rofl.....he found Aamir better than SRK in acting.epic lmao......
Honest answer. +1. (y)
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Navo is not a sensible user...he is a retard...don't ask him anything...!

by Assistant Director (57.6k points)
le tere liye packet bhi nai muh me le le...
Pehle image post karna seekh
muje pata hai tuje bhookh lagi hai....thoda intezaar kar leta....
kesa laga pedigree? pasand aya na? or chahiye to maang lena....
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Arre dekh,if you said,you are an SRKian...then ok....but,why to make post like 'SRK is doing not for his fans' public forum jitna hai,haters bhi utna hai.........if you didn't like,its your choice(don't know why didn't you like!it is way better than all recent blockbusters including D:3 but again its my opinion)......btw,don't make such posts in this forum.......haters to negativity kar rahe hain,fans bhi karoge?
And sorry,if that hurts you......

by Director (123k points)
Bhai, dekh, Muze koi interest nahi hain fan fights mein. Main toh SRK ko admire karta hoon aur others SRKians ki baat janane ki koshish kar raha hoon,ke wo kitne hud tak satisfied hain last filmo se?
This is not the right place to discuss these things are many haters.wo to negativity kar rahe hai,tum bhi karoge?aur ye sab yahan bolne se kya hoga?sirf negativity hoga aur kuch,discuss these things on private msg/chat group on FB.....etc...not here atleast.
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Real fans supports their superstar unconditionally irrespective of his movie,its collection or his personal life issues nd watching hny more than 3times didnt make u fan as anyone can watch it atleast 2 times,i am still saying hny is better than d3,kick,jai ho etc ...nd when all retard aamirian,salmanics started bashing hny without watching it,then insted of taking srk's side u urself start bashing srk..which fan in hell bash his own fav star nd his movies?have u seen any sallu fan bashing sallu movies why just sallu even aamir nd hrithik fans didnt criticise d3 nd bang bang nd gave it more than 4pts so think before saying u r fan ...i think u just admire srk nd his some movies

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
Wrong, not some movies.. There are lots of movies.
Not admirer a fan who has expectation.
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There are users here who respect others opinion. Actually by being receptive towards others opinion, makes forum a delightful place but sadly very few users do that. Who defines a 'Fan'. I always wonder, if not the fans then who has right to ask their beloved star to deliver a good movie. Its the fans who want normal audience also to appreciate their star's effort for wider recognition. A true fan doesnt try conceal half hearted effort from their stars especially when a fan is waiting eagerly over a year expecting his favorite star to deliver the goods. Frankly speaking, After CDI (except MNIK, Don2) none of the movies are to the caliber of SRK. The worrying sign is, he continuously doing bad movies which even neutral audience dont associate srk with. Its spoiling his reputation big time. So, A true fan like you will worry of course.And why do u bother what they say. You have right to express your opinion. Truly speaking constructive criticism is always welcome. But when it crosses giving raise to slander,abusiveness then its difficult to take for any person specially on internet.
One Suggestion for you: There is no use of whining in social media/forum in this case. Best way is to ignore them and move forward.

by Unit Manager (31.3k points)
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The problem is he is working with close friends, who are just opportunists and good for nothing directors using his stardom to mint some quick bucks at box office. Sadly he fell in the trap and in unable to see the reception his films are getting off late. Add to that, those idiots are making parody of his good films (like cdi spoof etc) and he is enacting in it. Its cringe worthy, even to think srk has fallen this low. I mean He is SRK, he can do wayyy better movies than these so called BB shits.
Hope another of his close friends adi chopra has something much better in mind for 'fan'. No srk fan waits for 14 months only to see him flaunt his eight packs and walk stylishly on screen. He needs new characters now, who have a distinct identity. I'm tired of the numerous references to raj and rahul. Every character of his now seems to be a poor rehash of these iconic characters.
Same here. Actually, if any1 want rehashed self referencing gags then i suggest them to watch filmfare where he did anchoring. No need to wait for the movie, actually those filmfare gags are more entertaining than these silly ones. And that iconic pose & references has become irritating to watch. By doing these stuff, he is loosing connect among youth who are small when those movies released and dont know much abt their significance back then. I have decent expectations on Fan, hope it does well. But my most waited is definitely Raees, very huge expectation on it.
@dilip1555 Problem is "expectation ", expectation of people in the form of boxoffice & in the form of content. BTW Thank You!
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I dont think one can expect anything from real champ. Even "entertainment" is smarter than him. Enough said. (rock)

by Mega Star (226k points)
I want to kill you man...........bas,saamne aaja....aur abhi ye bolna chahta hoon-ebhen iret ik utch dufanduag...
Tujh jaise sirf bhaunk sakte hain champu
Real champu itni mehanat ki tune ye coded message likh ke? Salute. Anpadh likha seek gya
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Jo bhi mein kehna chahoon , pinday mein mila daalte alfaaz mere .....

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Real Champ and bajaj are more dumb than Suppandi(tinkle comics),Jim carrey and Jeff daniels from Dumb and Dumber ,Mental saif and ritesh(humshakals) combined

by All Time best! (295k points)
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People like Real Champ;HHH;Donbajan;Mac are the reason that SRK has so many haters......They Talk Non-Sense.....Giving Honest Answers For them would be that u are a Fake Fan.....Just Ignore those Retards

by Director (121k points)

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