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I haven't seen the Movie till now because my friends said that u will need a dispirin in first half.....its a full torture .....I am scared that I may not suffer from Headache after watching the movie like I suffered after watching TMK

by Director (121k points)
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Bhai agar dekhna hai,theatre ya dwnload, to 1st half pura skip kar de,secone half ka bhi start ka thoda skip kar de.
Mjhe Do hafte ho gye Theatre main movie dkhe ....mann Kr rha but is movie pe paisa kharch krne ka Mann Ni kar rha....
Interstellar ke liye bachake rakh
Vo Mumbai pahucte hi meri pehli movie hogi
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I was sitting in theater with mask face in first half...
I was completely blank ..I tried hard to get in the mood but No effect whatsoever...Dialogues and sceens are more or less like spoof and that to Bad Spoof...
2nd half was better....I Liked 2nd half...
Worst part was;I convinced one of friend to come with me...After movie I was more worried ki Dost ke Hathon Maut na ho Mere...
He was really pissed off...
Thankfully I am alive.. (rock)

by Director (131k points)
lol's. . .
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Only the last 45 mins of the movie are good. The rest is all lame and lousy. Especially the fight scenes involving Sonu, the anurag and Vishal sequence......For a better part, the movie is just a spoof.

by Mega Star (226k points)
That whole sonu sood fight scene is the worst scene in indian cinema
And I don't know what convinced Vishal and anurag to do that video wala sequence. Lol.....We have to have a typical stereotyped *** sequence.....bollywood needs to grow up. That wasn't funny.
Even i don't understand how that they did it lol.
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yar first half tujhe itni buri lagti na to second half kitni bhi achhi kyu na hoti, tujhe aur buri hi lagti.

by Production Accountant (26.5k points)
Aise logic kaha se lata hai lol,even during kick i said i didnt like the 1st 40 mins
I gave about 1 star to 1st half of kick and 4/5 for 2nd half..
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First half is worse than TMK and it's my honest opinion.

by Producer (101k points)
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So you couldn't refrain urself from watching it!!!!

by Assistant Director (57.6k points)
Hahaha jabse modi feku fekna chalu kiya hai,tabse ahmedabad wale sochne lage hai ke ahmedabad is new york lol
new york to nai lekin tere guwahati se to better hi
When did i say ahmedabad isnt better than ghy lol..
faltu joke se paka mat re.....

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