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Bro,mera kuon select kiya?HHH ka kar......

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shame on 9hits actor....

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to dislike kyu kiya?
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SRK has 2 ATBB in India, both over 15 years back, now he has zero during last 15 years
While Aamir gave 2 ATBBs in last 4 years itself... and another RH 15 years back
So it is clear who is the current ruler....

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India is not the only country in he world!
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Is Sarak chaap ki aukaad nahi hai ATBB ki lol

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1 saaal mein kitna kamata hai tu bache
'Bitter truth' as I mentioned in the question itself! ans yes ur aamir is sarak-chhap....
Tu Akshay ka fan hai na? Akshay ka baat Kar na?
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SRK-2 ATBBs in india(4 acc. To other sites)+10 ATBBs in overseas
total=12 ATBBs(14 acc. To Other sites).HNY may be his 11th. ATBB in overseas.
Aamir-3 in india(thanks to Hirani,dhoom brand,karishma)+2 in overseas(thanks to Hirani and dhoom brand)=total 5 ATBBs

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