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For me Bb,AtBb, is nothing. For me a film which is remembered for a long time like 3 Idiots,DDLJ...... All three Khans are ruling Bollywood in their own style.Those who say A amir is a small star they themselves know that and they are teasing you guys.And you also know Srk is a big star and still involve Deepika in....These are fan wars should never taken seriously.... Just listen to your heart.Will Dhoom 3 be remembered after 5 years like 3 Idiots...You ll get your answer.... We ll see PK.... If PK is like 3 idiots then it will cross Dhoom 3. These are the words of one of the finest user here HAIDER.........
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Ho gaya na chal ab..btw haider isnt a hater of any khan that's why his view isnt the same for those who are intense haters of a star.

by All Time best! (295k points)
Bro... Hater is hardly anyone. Most users are hater just because of fan group not due to actors. And dude I don't think anyone knows it better than you..
You're wrong,me, real champ, rock are huge haters
Real cham was earlier a fan of Aamir so he should not be huge hater atleast. Moreover, I said most of user not every.
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I agree. Everyone fights here about box office collections but all know that nobody will remember those films a few years later. Box office collections should be the producers and distributors worry, not ours.
If you like a film and it will be close to your heart, the film has done its job.

by Assistant Director (46.9k points)
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Koi kitna bhi bolle people will still fight..Even if stars comes down to say this hen also fight wont stop.Its our lack of knowledge or overexpectation from star.bad thing is that the star dont know this thing or even they know it then they ignore it...Salman is always on people expectation because dont expect too much...Aamir ki baat hi chodo he gives product better then what we expect..Problem here lies with SRK.He doesnt care much about money thats why problem is there.He cared about Colln but not Content from CE.He did CE just to show his BO power..I was happy that he did CE because those who said Srk is over got his answer..He even did HNY but here he didnt even concerned about collection.He did lots of Hardwork but he himself didnt know where movie is going..He did for Farah but dont he realize during scripting stage where movie is going to be..It was no which he made for showing VFX.This is typical BW movie so he should have cared that movie should be liked universally..He earned a lot of money through promotion and tour.No one will loose money here not even YRF as its sold at commission.For him money doesnt matter unlike other actor..Though i like HNY but still i know many others will dislike it especially youths..You cant make movie just for Kids.There is lot of expectation by Srk fans and general audience from Srk to give better product.Fans expect him to break records but he doesnt care about money..A movie which we are proud what he did in past he should do it now..we dont want Anurag's film but atleast a movie like Kal ho na ho which have comm value with content.thats why i want him to do Adi's film..Doing film with Rohit means another CE..So pls Srk do some well made big Films.

by Super-star (161k points)
what about fan i think it will be better product and a youth appealing movie
I don't have much expectations from Fan bcoz its YRF product.....YRF fooled us with ETT;Gunday;JTHJ and many more...So I am expecting good movie in form of Raees from SRK..i want it to be pure classy.......Even I want BB to be classy....But I don't think Salman Khan will do a Class movie
Every professional will care about money. If doesn't then his profession might fall in danger.
If SRK don't care about money then he would have never opened a production house, not bought an IPL team, would have not done the advertisement. He does care and he must because he is in professional and should look for profit.
@Sandeep,he cares about money but not from movies otherwise he wouldnt have made has ads,ipl,tours and many other investment to make money.but not from movie..i have realise from this from his recent movies and also from his interviews..even my sources told me that..
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Agree with you sir.for me 3 khans are one of the main reason for my liking of hindi cinema and that's not for collection but for there movies which i really enjoyed over the years.for example i will always remember flop swades but i have not seen attb kkhh and ddlj(2nd half) more than one time likewise for aamir and salman l will always remember there disaster aaa rather than there attb films.and yes they will always rule b town.

by Assistant Director (43.3k points)

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