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Bollywood Hungama saying that Bang Bang UAE/GCC figure is $5.5 million while Boxofficeindia saying that it will end at $4.0 million O.o ! Views

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Bang Bang

UAE : $3.3 M
Kuwait : $585k
Oman : $540k
Qatar : $450k
Bahrain : $420k

Total : $5.25mn as reported on Rentrak

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now just few months back BOI corrected it

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Its really shocking and unbelievable.

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I salute Hrithik Roshan. I thought only India's collections could be manipulated. Hrithik has gone a step further and done it overseas also.

How much is Bang Bang lifetime overseas according to BOI? Other sources give $13 million.

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$13.75.......................btw boi say 10 or 7day ago in question answer . waiting for update . bollybood hungama update very fast . after 4 th weekand bangbang collect $5.5. even this weekand bangbang is going full house in kuwat , uae , iraq , maynmaar , malasia .

bangbang first movie to open 5 th in malasia boxoffice .
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That's fantastic. BB has done fabulously well in the overseas market. Waiting for Mohenjo daro now!

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downvote . what problem with your answer ????????

btw +1 for this answer . waiting for mohenjo daro .
@sunny89, u get plenty of up votes only when u say that srk is good. Not allowed to praise any other star. Lol.
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Check Link - BOI say : $ 5.19m

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its a old post, that time it was lower.


Oops ! 2 yr old post dhayan hi gaya.
Charlie Jatinder purani post pe kya kar rahe hain


BOI aur Rentrak mein Gulf ki figure ko lekar bohot films mein gafla hain, wohi clear kar raha hain.


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