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Deepika is 2 rupees actress..

Farah + SRK combo is 2 rupees combo

Diwali period is 2 rupees period

All songs got just 2 views on youtube

by Assistant Director (51.9k points)
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Its because of the was entertaining but see single screen isn't supporting the film as they are not getting wat they want... CE was full on action packed entertainer but HNY is a different movie, specially the dance show etc isn't something Indian audience or masses mainly like to see, still they hoped film will have some over the top actions and car blasts etc scenes which weren't their except Sony sood fight scene...the fight sequence in the roof of the building was clearly classy and brilliant but not for masses... so I think as single screen audience aren't coming for the film, film is dropping and now in the hands of multiplexe audiences, but hopefully a film appreciated by multiplex never stop earning in middle, hope film goes like this with 2 digit collections till second weekend

by Super-star (169k points)
Kick paregi agar 'entertainment' word ko badnam kiya HNY ke saath jodkar..
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the answer is wom, ask you bhaitards why they are spreading negativity in twitter?

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Biggest star done his job, 40cr opening with even 3hours runtime. Even with bad wom, critics bashing, underperform it broke the weekend records which done by biggest franchise of bollywood. now go shut up

by Producer (115k points)

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