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He is likely to have 4 release next year. Out of which Baby release on Republic Day weekend, Singh Is Bling on 31st July, Brothers remake on 2 Oct and Gabbar is still to get its release date. So, tell me guys, whats the chance that all of them will be hits?
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Gabbar will release on 3rd april good friday but clashing with phantom hope they avert the clash.

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Baby -Though it is releasing on Republic Day Weekend but it will clash with a Mahesh Bhatt needs a lifetime of 90 Cr I think as Budget will be 55-60 Cr atleast I needs a good trailer and good buzz before release otherwise it will stuck to Semi-Hit verdict like S26
Gabbar-This movie can be very big if trailer is mass appealing like RR as well as for multiplex audience.....It needs a good release date and good buzz after that mix to good wom will make it hit....
Singh is Bling-Production Values matters the most for this is releasing between BB and needs a good buzz and Chartbuster songs.......AJ box office performance will effect it
Brothers-It is a sure-shot hit unless its a very bad remake.....Sid presence will make it hot among multiplex audience......Potential 150-175 Cr grosser

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Mahesh bhatt movie won,t clash with Baby and if it does then again will have very less effect. Mahesh bhatt's movie will most probably release on Valitine weekend.
Your pick CE or HNY?
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Chances are high this time but i have my doubts on sib because it release between bb and fan but if it will turn out entertaining then there is no stoping.

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Big no! Nowadays his movies don't gain buzz so in 2015 his 1 movie can cross 100cr out of 4 releases now he is less than even arjun kapoor

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life is much more harder than you think.... so i suggest you dont let the dogs out

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I am hoping that.But his films buzz should be high to take big opening.Except sib other all 3 films will have great content.But it should open high.

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