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Then,Talaash is Huge Disaster.
Actual collections 78 Crore,inflated collections 92 Crore couldn't even cross 100
And Lagaan should be Disaster also as budget was 35 crore while collection was only 26 crore.
CE-75 Crore budget,208 crore nett.Only Blockbuster?D:3-150 Crore budget,259 crore nett.How ATBB?ROFL....
And budget of RNBDJ-20 Crore,nett-87.5 Crore.only blockbuster?while Ghajini with 65 crore budget,inflated collection 114 Crore(actual 88 crore) Blockbuster?how?it should be max. Super Hit.
KANK with 46 Crore nett Semi Hit,Fanaa with 51 Crore nett Super Hit?lol...

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whatever Haider.....we will still celebrate '30Years Of Success'
@Haider,neither i follow nor Bollywood hungama.....i follow,i am waiting for BOI.CO.IN's update about Domestic collections.since,there have no data before 2009 in,i have to follow,for me Aamir is 9HitsActor and Happy New Year collections-waiting. @Baadshah bhai,ye celebration dec. 31 tak chalega.....
o yes.....then it will become 10 na cz of sad.....single figure ka mza he aur tha :D
Hmm....feeling sad for it....
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Jai ho production plus p&a budget 60cr,HNY 120cr plus min 40cr promotions..RIP SRK fans.

by All Time best! (295k points)
so acc to u ce>d3 ce budget 70 cr while d3 150 cr and more screens higher tkt prices open weeks
Ce bought by utv for 105cr plus 30cr promotion.RIP Parag.
jai ho was remake of south blockbuster stalin just like ghajimi,it had 3open weeks,republican wknd nd many more factors...
aamir has 9 hits rip aamir..
Boss was also remake of bb south film,bt flop in bw.RIP HHH
Aamir is 9HitsActor,37DisastersActor.Shame on Amiri.
then acc to u hny is remake of flop tmk,cash players but see hny  is scoring big...Rip navo nd all his 2rs clan
hahaha Navo ka lol hogya....CE should be bigger than Dhoom 3 acc. to his logics.....what an idiot(headbang)
I am resting in peace since srk>dhoom brand + aamir and even though it was brought for 105 cr still 45 cr diff that means d3 needed to do 85 cr more
105 me promotion ka 30cr kaun jodega
roo Navo roo, cry Navo cry(y)
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shame on sallu fans ...
jai ho was remake of one of biggest south blockbuster,it had republican wknd,3 open weeks,sallu movie after 18month nd 5 bb still it failed miserably so it proved that all those blockbuster were only cuz of eid...nd sallu yet to cross 90cr opening wknd where srk had 2 90cr opening wknd...opening nd opening wknd proves starpower
so SRK >>>>>> >sallu

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)

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