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1. Dhoom 3 [Brand Factor Also Gives 20-30% Boost]

2. Happy New Year

3. Chennai Express

4. Bang Bang

5. My Name Is Khan

6. Ra.One

7. Don2

8. Talaash [3Idiots Positivity]

9. Jab Tak Hai Jaan

10. Om Shanti Om


3 Idiots Couldnt Even Cross The Opening Weekend Of OSO and KANK In Overseas :P
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lol..first tell me who said amir is king in overseas?? King means Ruler ,nd from past 23 year SRK _The kING ruling indian cinema with most no of hits in both india nd overseas...its like saying rohit sharma is king of ODI'S cuz he had 219 runs while sachin had 200runs same way , aamir has just atbb(1universal acceptance movie nd another biggest brand) ...nd if aamir is king then why he is afraid of releasing his movie other than christmas?why he moved pk release from june to december? Aamir is nothing without christmas just like sallu without some low iq 2rs people will bring don2(which is all time best classic slic action movie without any munni,sheela type songs or any mass appeal) here but its bb in overseas while hit in aamir is 2nd in overseas..

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Lmao aamir never out of top 10 since 95 when he had a release,srk out of 10 few times.Aamir 3 all time grosser,srk 1,also aamir has more atbb's,4.
Now real champ will bark under my cmnt
*Srk-25 hits inc 7 bb,2atbb, 17 bb in overseas
*aamir-9hits inc 3atbb,1bb nd 2 bb in overseas
Earth was out of top 40.........DCH wasn't even in top 10.......Dhobi Ghat was out of top 20....Aamir is a flop star.Shame on Aamir.
Dch was in 6th retard.And earth was in top 30 even after being a limited release art film.
May be according to AamirOfficeIndia.
hahahah.....epic answer by HHH

n Navo: bkwas bnd kr
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No need to prove.... SRK is the only King in overseas as well as India.

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I still believe Overseas no.1 is SRK,Aamir,Salman.
India - Aamir,Salman,Shah Rukh.
If HNY breaks Kick then SRK will be at no.2.

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lol srk> anyone in india and overseas
It is formality bhai,. SRK is the biggest superstar of this country no one is denying that but yeah box office ki number game hamesha badlti rehti hain.
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No one is denying that SRK is still no. 1 in overseas (Slightly ahead of Aamir Sir) Plus no Aamirians says bad against SRK before & after release of HNY............
It is Srkians who claims it to be biggest overseas grosser & now crying after its weekend collection.

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Srk is no1 in considering his dominance in the last 15 years or so. But of late aamir is starting to catch up. D3 wiped out CE from each and every country, so aamir is catching up very fast with srk in overseas.

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True. But dhoom 2 is a huge BB in overseas. I think it collected 10 million dollars back then. With aamir in dhoom expectations are humongous. Anyway, i think dhoom3 overseas record will there for atleast 2 years unless pk gets 3 idiots type wom. I think dhoom3 overperformed in overseas market. Plus dhoom3 and 3 idiots had extra advantage as they are released in china. I think D3 collected more than 2.5million in china in first week. Obviously films not releasing there would find extremely tough to cover it among other areas. Thats the main reason i said D3 record may be there for 2 years since..i think unless pk releases in will tough for aamir khan also to beat D3 figure
@dillip yes !! you right in china only 50 outside movie release in one year . mostly hollybood production house block per year . last year yrf studio book for dhoom3 . in this year fox star studio already booked for bang bang . fox star ceo vijay singh already say in etc channel.

btw d3 over perform in oversease . just you think
in usa d3 collect = $8 and yjhd &ce = $3.75 (2nd highest )
really any movie collect that huge till 2016 ????????????
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not true man dhoom 3 gave more than 50% boost

by Camera Operator (11.0k points)
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Yeh lo now again history lesson starts lol..And talaash 3i positivity lol kya hai yeh..Abe aamir ko zyada films to karne de,tension mat le,overseas me srk dheere dheere ja raha hai.

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