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Swades Chak de Mnik!.......................

by Producer (107k points)
haan toh uske baad.. Ra one, CE, HNY
don 2..........
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retards like u bring bo collection when he does good quality movies nd now when srk is breaking records contineously for straight two years with masala entertainers then u r talking abt quality..nuff said double standard psychopath...
I am bookmarking this page ...lets see after raees nd fan what will be ur reaction..

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
I never judge any movie by it's collections. Bachpan mein bed se girr gaye the kya?
idiot,i am talking abt general fanbase of most of stars like sallu fans eg.akash,playboy,gn etc,other aamir fans like nolan
Retards like u bring bo when Aamir was doing quality movies in the 90s
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MNIK, RA.ONE(crap film but brave effort atleast give credit where it's due), DON2, JTHJ you have problem with ce and hny then ok wait for FAN and RAEES thren I'll see what do haters prefer content or collections

by All Time best! (269k points)
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In 30 Years of Long Career,Aamir has given only 2 good movies-TZP(Well it was Darsheel's show all the way),DCH.....
Now some brainless retards will comment on my answer by saying-3 Idiots,lagaan,mela,dhoom:3 are good movies...
Btw,don't forget 9Hits In 30 Years(actual 4 Hits though)...


by Director (123k points)
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farah has taken the revenge for slap on her husband's face from giving her HNY. worst movie ever.... srk has zero sense of script ..... he hand picks the worst possible script

by Super-star (198k points)
but still breaking records like heap of dry leafs ...get a lyf :P
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Unfortunately the issue with srk is that in recent years he's trying to match his peers only in terms of scale, not content. Except for don2, all srk movies in recent times have disappointed me. Waiting for 2015 now.

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In 22 yrs,srk has done just 2 and a half good film,swades,cdi, and half of mnik..Nw some retards would bark under my cmnt and say ddlj,k3g,moha,oso,kkhh are good films lol.

by All Time best! (295k points)

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