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from past 18 months many srkians like me,champ ,baazigar nd someother users follow then why these retards barking?? Every  user has equal rights to follow d bosite they wants ban that user or else get ready for counter attack
In that case stop calling Aamir 9 hit actor since u don't follow boi.....
@kashyap WOW! tit for tat (clap) +1
kashypa,i said frm last 18months im following nd before that  i used to follow boi so aamir has 9hits as of old boi..if they update new verdict  then i wont use 9hit..

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grand nova is a dehati user who understand just urine, faeces, potty. So use these words as these are allowed. Btw get ready for fight. Aa jao.

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