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Also add 5000 screens for HNY.
Dhoom 3 had one holiday which was non festival, HNY had 3 holidays out of which one was festival.

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Tu toh lallu hi reh gya....chodh de ab
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9 months promotion?? how?? where?? u are taking help of an Aamir film now, don't u feel any shame? Salman's highest first day (31cr ETT) is just 2cr more then HNY 2nd day dat too after a historic 40cr whereas ETT did 15cr only... oh holiday?? what holiday was today?? and why are u behaving like kids giving so many excuses..the guy who was asking about SRK fans excuses after HNY

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Good answer................
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2014 release jai ho
#4300 screen,3 open weeks

bhai after 18 month

remake of south bb

good wom from both critics nd audience

result-108cr shame on bhai ...every masala movie of SRK is big blockbuster in last 10 years while bhai is still struggling

nd hny 1 st day collection=jai ho opening+ kick
shame shame shame...biggest megastar of india my foot

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o yeah baby....tum log apni HNY ko sambhaalo jo avatar ka record todne wali thi.... pura saal pakaatay rahay ho tum log
@hhh......bhai fodh daala.......hahaha
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Hny had more screens I believe!.............

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1st weekend of Hny will be 100 Cr ... And 9 months promotion? Lol.. Srk promoted Hny in India only in last 15 days.. And Dhoom 3 had more buzz due to Dhoom brand..

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I can only laugh on you .... ha ha..... I understand your feeling after HNY historic 1st day . I am thinking... what will be your condition when HNY beat Jai ho in 4 days flat. Better take rest for a month. Ha ha.....

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