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HNY is going solid in domestic but many fans are confused or sad by overseas figure.Though HNY is going solid over the Weekend with collections getting bigger and bigger every day.. Movie has collected in range of 5m $ over the first two days.. Movie had collected around 2.5-2.6m $ on day one and 2nd day is also in the same region.. First two days numbers are already equal to the Weekend of Bang Bang and also leaves Behind 2 days business of Chennai Express.There are comparisons with Dhoom 3 all over.But diwali period is not like EID or Christmas.Because a film can't score big in Diwali unlike EID or Christmas period as there isn't holiday there.Besides that Dhoom 3 was released in Imax format in overseas.

So here are benefits of Dhoom 3-

1. Dhoom 3 released on Christmas period which is biggest holiday for any film to score big in overseas.Because all schools,colleges and offices remain closed for around a week.So all ages of people can come out of their work and enjoy film during this occasion.

2.Dhoom 3 had Imax releases in overseas and I think it made huge differences in overseas collection.So you can't compare Imax ticket prices with normal one.

2 Days Business is second biggest of all time behind Dhoom 3. Below are the 2 days figures for the film with those of Dhoom 3 in brackets.. UAE is 3 days for Happy New Year and two days of Dhoom 3.

USA.. 7cr (12.1cr)

UK.. 4cr (5.85cr)

UAE.. 16cr (14.3cr)

Pakistan.. 3.75cr PKR (3.8cr PKR)

Australia.. 1.45cr (2.35cr)

NZL.. 30lacs (39lacs)

Total.. 30+cr (39.1cr)

So after this analysis  I have a question to SRKians!Is HNY doing really bad in Overseas despite not having a holiday release!!!?Decide yourself!!!
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In USA it is 2.1 crore not 12.1 crore
Didn't get it what are you sa[email protected]
Oops. I thought bracket figures were for HNY

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no surprise...Srk is the undisputed King of overseas ,HE is a global megastar for a reason ,i mean HNY did huge Business there without any holidays or any big brand its crystal clear that his every upcoming movie irrespective of genre will hit century in overseas.....

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Weekend bussiness is so huge in both domestic & overseas.... yes holiday factor help Dhoom 3 big in overseas but HNY is running only on SRK star power. He is undisputed king in both India & overseas.

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Oye abhe aandhe.. Pre Christams tha.. It's worst just like Pre Diwali here.. Woh toh 1 month pehle hi busy ho jaate hain!

Tum uneducated ko kya knowledge uske baare mein

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Chal oye baar nikal....christian champa kahi ka

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