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i will say to them...... paaji tussi such a pussy...............catttttttt
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They will say because of no more holidays our holiday king's movies drop in weekdays. If our holiday king would have got 30 days continuous universal holiday we would have crossed Dhoom 3 collection

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Talk like Salman fans please....

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Let weekend finish. even after crash it will break the records of highest weekend which done by biggest franchise of indian cinema

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hny is not for sarkchap users like .....,hny will beat kick nd thats the damn universal truth ...

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apna account open karo aur apne previous posts daikho jin main 110cr ka weekend hai aur phir apna sarr pakad k zor se deewar k sath maro..... tumhari baat pay kaun believe karay ga
Hny isnt for sarakchap users lmao as if its made by martin scorsese.
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You should watch JAI HO .... again. Maha boring movie... no thank you... help 3 others. Pakauo....!!!!!!!!!!!!

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