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As I hv already mentioned about Navo "Barking is Temperary, crying is Permanent"

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Who is the moderator?, I want to complain. I cant ask question in this forum. It is saying I dont have permission to ask question.

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Abe tu to jaise kabhi [email protected] ka gali nahi deta,kidhar se hai be,south se hai kya.
Me to gujarat se hu, par ek request he, kabhi maa pe gali mat dena. Me kabhi kisiki maa ko gali nai deta, aur haan rahi baat muje jaan se marne ki to beta tuje meri jagah aane ki jarurat nai he, wo kya he na, Aassam ke jungle bahut ghane hote he, aadmi khojata he phir milta nahi he...
Beta tu aa to ja dekh tujhe aise jungle me marunga cia,fbi bhi na dhund paega.
acha thik he, tu itna insist karta he to me aa hi jata hu
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Aamir is a flop star,9hits
actor............37 disasters actor
aamir.shame on u navo!

There is only one king aka BADSHAH SRK [email protected] just bow down towards d king...

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Jab tere gaal pe ek chamaat padega mere haat se tab tujhe do teen naam aur yaad aa jaenge.

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hteri to fat gayi...kalse kitni baar burnol lagai tune?
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We wanted SRKians to enjoy their small record (only 39 crores from 5000 screens on Holiday) and so I took a break for som time. Some Srkians started provoking us Aamirians and Salman fans to come and bash them.

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