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Its doesnt matter if he is looking..People still watch his movie.Just Look at opening of Happy New Year.He is biggest star even though people start saying that he looks old from last 3-4yrs.

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He is the biggest star......i agree.....King Khan Rocks
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So ?
He looks old, so ?
He's 48+, he doesn't have any surgery for correcting the way he look like others had. He is bound to look old.

Btw, what do you wanna prove ? Why you ask same lame ques again & again ?

by Executive Producer (67.5k points)
wo buri tarah jal rha hai, isliye kch bi kch post kr rha hai.
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He looks different with different hair style, nowadays he looks best and very much young with beard

by Producer (115k points)
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S bro bt he nt old as salman and aamir there r 20 yr old boys and king is 17 is yr old

by Camera Operator (9.8k points)
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Its high time he retires,kab tak megastar DP ke bharose chalega.

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Acc to trade Aamir has 19 hits,acc to boi old,aamir has 10.chus le ab
lol at u Navo.....u r happy with 10Hits.....n megastar.....sharam sy doob kyun nhn marta tu

Real: thats great.....Deepika rox, Aamir shocks :P
Parasite aa gaya wapas
hmm.....main woh parasite hn jo chezein ___ mein gusa daita hn...aur phir bnday k haalat aisi hojati h jaisi teri kal sy HNY k opening dekh kr hai:D

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