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Before HNY & CE, Was he in category of Abhsishek Bachan,Uday Chopra, Jimmy Shergil, Some Questions are really irritating ones, Shahrukh was the only first superstar who had a big Commercial Success and was a blockbuster OM Shanti Om, before that there was no huge commercial success Except Dhoom 2, means before OSO salman and Aamir didnt have single commericial success like OSO, if you show me single one right now which was a huge hit like as par scale with OSO fro today onwards i will praise Aamir Khan, and Salman Khan, remember Commericial Success As par scale as OSO was record breaking and only of Aaamir and Salman khan, If this is your sceneiro then bro Dhoom 2 was the first Commericial Success huge success, then Hrithik >>SRK>> Aamir>>Salman, Aamir had his first huge commercial Blockbuster in the form of Ghajini and Salman Khan Ready

if any aamir or Salman khan fan proved that before OSO aamir and salman khan had a huge commercial success as par OSO , Dhoom 2 or Krish i will praise every salman and aamir Khan Movie from now onwards / or leave this forum forever just by last time posting a post while praising Aamir & Salman khan


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Then what is RH??????????

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Cant say abt others but

Before Ghajini & Dabangg,aamir and sallu Ware in d category of Abhsishek Bachan,Uday Chopra, Jimmy Shergil,dino morea nd ofcourse biggest of them all rajpal
btw dont pay ur attention to that attention seeking,multiple
persanolty disordered 'bhai' fan
bcuz its waste of time nd energy so its better to ignore his post

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Reply to hhh-b4 oso which was hit due to farah and promotion and 30 stars,srk was in the league of vijay raaz.

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