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Happy New Year - Iss Diwali Sirf Box Office Ki Hi Taale Todenge Yeh Indiawaale, Dil Nahi Jeetenge !!!



Charlie (original name Chandra Mohan Sharma, don't ask!!!) is planning to avenge his father's death by taking revenge on Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff). He gathers his own team of losers, as he keeps re-iterating throughout their introduction to execute his revenge by stealing precious diamonds. But in order to steal the diamonds, the team has to first participate in World Dance Championship, which would smoothen their master plan. As the team of losers are filled with bad dancers, they hire a dance teacher Mohini (Deepika Padukone) to help them get in the WDC. How these losers succeed in their mission of stealing the diamonds from world's safest locker forms the rest of the story.


Shah Rukh Khan leads the pack effectively. He shows off his chiseled body - the ABS & showcases his lover boy image throughout the film with enough spreading of arms & dimples. There is nothing in the role offered to him & is no match for his caliber. But he definitely saves the film from sinking.

Deepika Padukone is good & provides an honest performance. Like in Chennai Express, here too she succeeds in modulating her accent. She has a couple of scenes & a song to shine. Sadly, Lovely is not the song I'm talking about despite it being her solo song.

Abhishek Bachchan as Nandu Bhide is funny. The characterization is very inconsistent but he gets to mouth some funny dialogues & provides a lot of comic relief especially during the heist scenes. Sadly, he also gets a few worst scenes too. And he has a double role too which again doesn't has much to speak about.

Boman Irani impresses as a Parsi. Nothing new from his role but his comic timing does the trick. Sonu Sood is good in first half but he's totally wasted in the second half. Vivaan Shah is noticeable in between this star cast. But he looks clueless throughout. Jackie Shroff is again wasted.


What lets the movie down is the bad direction & terrible screenplay. The writers have come up with such a confused screenplay that it ends up trying way too hard. The heist scenes are not exciting at all, the entire WDC part comes out bland & it was never expected from Farah Khan. The story talks about a team of losers, just because they're losers doesn't mean they'll act like clowns & buffoonery is delivered in the name of comedy. The team of losers, acting as underdogs stealing the diamonds, avenging the death of Anupam Kher & eventually winning WDC with actual "DANCING" would've made sense. But what we get to see is a team of losers, acting like buffoons, stealing the diamonds so easily like stealing candy from a baby & with all the terrible dancing skills, they end up winning the World Dance Championship. To their support, not once the audience get to know how tough the championship. Even the no.1 team, Koreans are so average dancers that instead of dancing they're used for one action scene in the 2nd half. So with such competitors, it's not bad on the part of audience to think any Tom, **** & Harry can win the WDC.

Farah Khan has failed in the direction part, but atleast I expected her to do justice to the DANCE parts, something which we know for sure that she can never go wrong. But she was hellbent on proving us wrong.


The visuals... the cinematography gets full marks. It's a treat for eyes & the movie looks super grand on screen. The music by Vishal & Shekhar is disappointing. Except for Manwa Laage nothing else works. Even IndiaWaale disappoints due to ordinary choreography. Lovely doesn't set anything on fire either. Dance Like Chammiya is completely wasted. The climax World Dance Medley, impressed a bit but it's far from believing a performance like that would be worthy of winning the championship. Nonsense Ki Night & it's picturization is passable. Dialogues work only in parts, not all dialogues are funny. And editing, well the movie is 3 hours long, it's self-explainatory.


1. Shah Rukh Khan
2. The performances by other star cast, they try really hard to elevate the scenes to a certain level.
3. The first half is very much watchable due to some funny lines. The Chak De India reference is funny & Deepika pulls it off well.
4. Manwa Laage is really good.
5. The grand look of HNY. It's money well spent.
6. The Cameos - watch out for AbRam Khan & Farah Khan's triplets. They're worth your money.


1. Very poor story & screenplay.
2. Indiawaale in the end steals the diamonds as well as wins the WDC. If you look at it, they were thieves who stole (which can be forgiven as they were "Avenging") but they're the winners of WDC, something they won by cheating. They blackmailed the judges with an MMS, they rigged the voting... They danced terribly (minus Deepika's Mohini) & the only good thing they did was to save the Korean kid on stage. That got them a special entry to the finals & suddenly one long performance to save the "IZZAT" of India, that they ended up as champions. What were the writers thinking?
3. The writers again are so confused that, once they've the cast ready to avenge, the next moment they're acting like buffoons, they get emotional, they get serious & after stealing the diamonds, they suddenly get all patriotic. Why? Just because they're IndiaWaale.
4. Remember you've paid for the ticket & you get to see Junior B vomit over & over again. And if that's not enough, you get to see him taste his own vomit. How creative?!
5. The songs don't work except for Manwa Laage.
6. Only Srk can say "breast-taking & love your booty" to a girl & have her fall head over heels. But to what extent will you take him? Plus over use of Madar.... Chod Na Yaar. It's not funny, it's sick.
7. The movie is way too long. It's ridiculously long.

My Rating - 2/5 (1 for Srk, 0.5 for the rest of the cast & 0.5 for the cutie AbRam Khan, also Farah's triplets.)

Final Word - Iss Diwali Sirf Box Office Ki Hi Taale Todenge Yeh Indiawaale, Dil Nahi Jeetenge.

Shah Rukh Khan deserves better, way better. Even if a movie wastes his talent is not a bad thing, what's worse is when a movie mocks his talent. He has achieved a lot & he has proved a lot in his 2 decade career, so a movie like HNY is definitely not needed at all. Here's an actor with a box office potential of earning you never heard before figures, all you've to do is use him the right way. You've only one Shah Rukh Khan & it's time to realize it.

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ethana downvotes ah unga review ku?.Ennala namba mudyala.unga opinion ku downvote potathu romba koduma.
Idu mamul da.. Na kavala padradilla. Kaththi parthiya?
Innam pargalanga.enga vetula regular ah cinema ku pora alayuku vasathi ella.epayathu oru thadavathan cinema ku poguvan.exam vara kaththi poga mudiyala.nenga parthitingala???
mann toh bahut kar raha h galli dene ka, tera review padke aur isse pata lagta h ki tuu srk ka sabse bada hater h........ navo se bhi bada
Gali dene se film toh bura hi rahega. It won't change the fact that I disliked the film. It's my views & how I felt watching the film.

Now if you think, he gave one film that much rating & he's giving HNY this much.. So I gave another higher rating, that's my feeling. You liked HNY doesn't mean I should like it too. I've the ability to watch the movie through my own eyes & I'm very well capable of understanding what did I like & what I didn't.

It's still good that you liked HNY. For my time & money's worth, I found it terrible & I am all set to share my views. And I don't have to be an "hater" to dislike this film. The film itself begs to be bashed.
chal thik h, tereko kick pasand aayi thi matlab kuch bhi ho sakta h
aur madar............ chod naa yaar
Hmmm that was exactly my tweet after interval. Not the Kick part.. Instead I had tweeted "Now any hopes on HNY madar.... chod naa yaar."
This is suhas's fingers most busiest night ever(am I I right) , but I love the way u r replying so patiently to all comments and answer...heheehe.
I had to charlie'runkle.. If they had understood the context of the review & rating then they wouldn't have asked "you rated another film higher & you rated Srk's lower". It's only then I had to answer that long.

If I had my own website like Bobby Singh then I could reply to some in a line or two & ignore others at large. This is a forum & I've enough patience/interest to answer them all.

I mean, some of these fan boys here rate MNIK 4.5, HNY 4. If you ask them is MNIK only 0.5 rating better than HNY?, Or with little more effort HNY would've been better than MNIK... They'll give the best logical as well as correct answer that both films are different. But when it comes to lower rating & films featuring their star.. the same best as well as correct answer which is also logical will become Lagrange's theorem & Partial Differential Equations where I will have to reason with them in detail.
aray bhai koi bhi HNY ko Salman k Khasmoshi ya Kyun Ki sy compare nhn kr rha.....they r just comparing Kick with HNY....both r somehow those commercial entertainers n u can say masala they r comparing.....MNIK ka kya kaam yahan par
Woh example tha.. Aur genre mein sirf "commercial" aur hero ek chor hone ke alawa aur kitna similarities hai? Aisa keh rahe ho ki Kick, HNY ka prequel tha ya phir Dhoom 3 ka sequel. They all have their own unique points. Kick ko 4 stars de diye toh iska matlab yeh nahi ke HNY bhi 4 deserve karta ho. Agar Kick ko average hi maante ho aur maine 4 stars de diya ho, HNY toh phir bhi terrible film hi hai - average ke aas paas bhi nahi. Ab usse 2 se zyada stars kahan se dun?
haha....i m not saying that Kick n HNY  r same films.....n i didn't say if u liked Kick then u should like HNY too......i m just saying that people here r not that mad as ur last comment shows them to be ''some of these fan boys here''....MNIK is a different thing....atleast people here r comparing close enough genres, or not even if genre then commercial entertainers....they have a right to compare HNY n Kick i think, if they want to without looking fools
Even in the case of HNY & Kick, they're different films. It was still asking "you rated Kick 4, why HNY only 2", I felt Kick deserved it while HNY didn't. I didn't see anybody questioning my 2 star rating of Krrish 3. Forget Krrish 3, I rated Boss 3 stars too plus 0.5 extra for entertainment factor. Why does it have to come down to "Salman & his fan" & not the way this "Salman fan" looks at commercial masala fare.

The fan boys only thought "he rated Salman higher while he rated Srk lower".. Arre first think of me as a general audience. I went to the movie spending money & time, I will definitely have "my views" which has nothing to do with the actors in the movie or whose fan I am.

The entire country liked Ready & it was the best word of mouth film of 2011. I hated the film. Why don't you ask me "everybody is loving Ready, why are you being critical?" None asked right?

I guess now you got the "Fan Boys" context.
i know ''fan boys'' thing but still MNIK was an off-the-track example......i know u can like n hate any film.....i was just against MNIK's example cz it made everybody who compare 2films look like an Rajeev said, ''in the same genre''....even if not same genre then HNY n Kick r not like poles apart

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Okay didn't liked HNY, I argued with no one who didn't liked the film, everyone might not like a film, and especially I know there will be surely negative reviews by haters for a commercial entertainer of SRK, but holly crap why the hell u are judging the film as if u are judging My Name Is Khan 2 :P I mean u went with no expectations and ended up with such points which a normal movie goer won't even think after watching the film 10 time repeatedly for a whole god damn year!!? I don't know why you become Sherlock Holmes while watching an SRK starrer! really don't know how much humor u was expecting from a Farah Khan starrer, but I wasn't expecting anything except SRK's performance, and ended up with lots of reasons for expecting!! they at least did a genuine job , didn't try to make audience fool, they showed the Sonu Sood's action sequence in trailer so audience will know that there is over the top actions (still that was the only one) unlike Dhoom3, they tried to made the film as simple as they can, as you said the heist should have been more impactable, but why would they need to rob like ghost protocol, then run with bikes with lots of police chasing and lots of fighting etc when they can do it so simply, its not that they just went there and steal the diamonds, they had a plan which worked out for them and its as simple as that, and regarding about winning WDC by cheating, well see they haven't planned that they will go there and won the prize, there target was the heist, competition was just a way to enter the room 90C. audience knows it right from the beginning that they are cheating to win, then why u need so much honesty at the end? they didn't want to win the competition right till the last moment, but they came back for their country, that was the point, they have cheated in votes, MMS etc to enter the competition, but where had they cheat in the competition?? yeah u can't just win WDC by performing so bad, but they were eliminated in the first round first of all, and secondly they did well in the finals. yeah it may dont make so much sense, but c'mon, why the hell u are finding so much sense in a film for which u went with no expectations. for me, they made a movie which will surely gets lots of whistling and claps and that's what a commercial film is all I wrong or am I wrong?

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Okay Criminal tell me... How was I supposed to watch HNY?

1. Wow Srk stood by his promise, Deepika's name came first...
2. Wow Srk ne entry maari... Superb. (Actually that's exactly what I thought. The girl gang beside me were saying eww... They madly love Srk & he'll always be a lover boy to them not action guy with blood & dirty mud.)
3. Moving on, Srk ne DDLJ ki dialogue maari... Taaliyan.
4. Srk said "Main Hoon Na" wow.
5. Okay, Jackie Shroff part is shown, even if you didn't figure out the story by the trailer, right after Jackie's entry anybody can predict the entire film till the last scene. But ok, now I should sit there looking at the screen with the expression "Arre Jackie dada.. I've no idea what will happen next? What will Srk do?"
6. Now Srk starts regrouping his team members & their introduction only takes 45 odd minutes.
7. Sonu Sood's fight is funny but before that Malaika's cameo as well as Sajid Khan. It's funny but doesn't has any impact worth mentioning. But do you expect me to keep laughing at this scene till Deepika's entry? No right?
8. Boman's entry, all the old ladies fall for him & his mother still controls him. Fine.
9. They needed Vivaan, the moment trailer was released, I had told he'll be a nerd who doesn't get girls. You & me both know his introduction. So what should be my reaction? Should it be "che poor guy?" or should it be "pata hai aage badhna?"
10. Nandu's character, I wanted to laugh but the moment he started vomiting after breaking the matki, what was there to laugh there? But still his next scene in the bar was funny. His mother has tumor, every other character is making jokes during that scene for "motivation". Was I supposed to laugh or was I supposed to be happy for the new member? Because there was no emotion that could actually make you care for Nandu's mother.
11. Well WDC joke was already shown in the trailer, still I laughed.
12. Then they try to learn dance. Was I supposed to laugh at Saroj Khan's spoof? Because I did laugh but I found it old as they showed it in CNWK last week itself. Prabhu Deva was good which I enjoyed, but this entire act was just buffoonery. How much did you laugh? Because trust me I laughed but not for too long.
13. After this enters Deepika aka Mohini. You might've liked it. For me it was dull. Not a single moment impressed. I've heard better songs & even before the release I was not impressed with Deepika's lean look. Apart from her entry, rest of the songs nobody in the theater whistled or cheered too.
14. I laughed at Srk's breast-taking dialogue to Deepika. It was funny.
15. Just for English alone, Deepika falls for Srk. Superb logic right? But Manwa Laage song was so good that I ended up liking it.
16. Now comes Anurag-Vishal's cameo. Good they chose to blackmail them. G-a-y jokes are too old. It was just a ok somewhat funny scene but you can't laugh too much over Vishal's hairy back. I didn't find it that funny even if I wanted to.
17. Then Dance Like A Chammiya song. How was I supposed to enjoy this video? First, I liked the song, then I saw it go waste. What was there to praise or even laugh at it? We the audience already knew the votes will be rigged so we already knew they'll make it through. So how was I supposed to view this scene? Nail biting... thinking what will happen next? Will teem dimond (as written on their dress) get selected or not? Once you know the entire film, how much can pretend to wait & see what happens next?


You clarify this first half & then I'll get to the second half. Since you questioned how I watched the film. This is exactly how I watched it. I've shared what I felt, you tell me how else should I've watched these scenes in the first half?
As I said I don't have any problem if someone likes it or not, if u didn't like obviously that's ur opinion, but what I'm saying is u always went up for SRK films with ur super mind! I can understand u don't need to go with ur mind for Salman starrers anyways :P , but even if u expect very much from SRK in his each and every film, I think u shouldn't judge a film too much when u see the line "Directed By Farah Khan" ....coming back to the film, the first half for me was entertaining right from the beginning (entry of SRK, well u gotta appreciate this one), when SRK use to say his dialogues, it was fun but nothing hilarious or nothing to clap for neither I said! Okay Jackie entered! u knew the whole film! their journey, how they entered the tournament, how they danced, how SRK fought with the Korean dancer, how he saved the boy, what was their plan and how it ruined first time etc! so u shouldn't need to sit there and wait till end, u could have just come back home and write ur review on ur blog!
There's nothing called "super mind". That's exactly why I mentioned scene by scene for you to understand how I watch the film. That's exactly how I watched Salman's films too.

There was no expectation from HNY forget Farah Khan. All I knew was she'll show Srk in a good way as she can present him the best. That she did. I hoped her to make an entertaining film, which she didn't. And I already said it was zero expectations, so when I say hoped it means I was prepared to let her entertain me however she wants to.

Good now you came my way...

Let's say I didn't know anything about the film. Your first question "how they entered the tournament?", it's explained right when they have a group discussion. Srk clearly says they'll rig the votes. So where was the curiosity here? The only hiccup was the Vishal-Anurag part which was slightly hilarious. But after that it was very clear how they'll enter the tournament. So teem dimond being in the last place & suddenly votes increasing, it ended up as just a scene.

"How they danced?" They danced terrible. I stayed back hoping atleast one song they'll dance somewhat good. My hope went in vain.

"How Srk fought the Korean dancer?" It was already shown in the trailer itself. You were watching the entire fight, I did the same. The entire fight was not out of the world, it just had it's moments & I was waiting for them. Even if I didn't figure out this scene with my power of seeing into future, still this scene doesn't take the film anywhere. All it made me wonder, instead of dancing the captain of last team & the captain of no.1 team were fighting with everyone else acting as spectators. That's how Indian films would be, so that's exactly how I watched that action scene. At the end of the day, it was just an action scene only with a couple of wow moments.

"How he saved the boy?" You went clapping for it may be. I was simply looking at that scene with a bland look. The dance sequence itself was so tiresome that I had lost interest by then. So you must be surprised to see them become 9th team, I wasn't. But yes when their plan flopped with diamonds not arriving, I started rising my hopes that there will be something.

With them explaining frame by frame how they'll rob the diamonds. What was left to be curious? Everything happened just as they explained over & over. The funny scene was Junior B stripping, along with everybody I laughed out loud, I think my laughter echoed. I laughed that loud. But then? No curiosity, no thrills, no excitement. Everything's happening just the way it was told. Suddenly there's another locker inside which opens through a password. One guy in the audience shouted "CHARLIE, ab type karo & move on". So tell me when you figure out the password already, what was so exciting about Srk trying hard to remember that password?

"I shouldn't sit there and wait till end" .. Well I paid 200 bucks didn't I, plus another 250 bucks for the eatables. Just because I was not liking the movie, doesn't mean I don't value my money.
OK here u bring me in a position where I have to utter my same lines for the third consecutive time, different viewers will have different views, and I don't have any problem with that either. I have mentioned about the fight sequence just to add another point which u can't know just by watching the entry of Jacky. anyways I do agree that fighting scene was not needed, but u see needed it very badly as film was running short of action scene! plus the action sequence was very well directed and SRK steals the show here! and on the other hand that saving boy scene, I hadn't clapped though, but few of the audiences surely had! before the fighting scene on the roof, when the boy falls in the rehearsal of the Korean team, I knew it that this scene will happen so I was just waiting for the scene to come and go, but the scene was really superb! specially SRK was so good in the scene. though at the end it was just a normal scene, but in those 10 seconds when Srk runs in slow motion gave me goosebumps!

Anyways coming back to ur point, u said (in ur review) that "actual dance would have make sense but they danced terrible to win WDC" ...well u see I don't think filmmakers was even trying to show some great dancing but at the end it ended up as terrible! that was the script that they have to dance terribly and that will happen of course with Sonu Sood, Abhishek, Boman & Vivan Shah dancing together! SRK too is not a very good dancer. so wasn't u expecting it before u entered the hall? and anyway what do u want to see then, a street fighter, an ex commander, an old man, and a hacker and a drunker would suddenly turns to Michael Jackson and dance like Step Up 5! then how much that would have make sense? they can't dance but they had to participate in WDC to rob the diamonds, so they had to do those cheatings (MMS & Voting) but they hadn't done it in the competition, it was to enter the competition. that made sense! the heist was nicely done and they have tried to "keep it simple" as Charlie's dad says... They return again at the end & dance, how they danced? u asked that ain't u? now tell me how anyone dance in a Bollywood film in roads or bar or bathroom with so many side dancers who even know the footsteps! u can't just judge so much... and specially when u see the line "Directed by Farah Khan"
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''stealing the diamonds so easily like stealing candy from a baby & with all the terrible dancing skills, they end up winning the World Dance Championship.''

Oh really?? It hasn't long time when Kick released. At least, here was planning(If not fully satisfying). And what about hiest of Dhoom(you gave 4.5) and Kick(again 4/5, not bad). That was very logical na. And of course, that were not like stealing candy from a baby.

That ''madar... Chhod na yaar'' was better than Salman telling thousands time 'Isme Kick milti hai'.

Well, you tried hard to pull down HNY. But don't worry. Here all people know how much our bhai loved Kick and Dhoom 3. So, this review has no integrity. Though, I agree with somewhere with you like double role of Abhishek etc.

And at last, don't leave in dilemma that ''Iss Diwali Sirf Box Office Ki Hi Taale Todenge Yeh Indiawaale, Dil Nahi Jeetenge.''
I never seen people laughing and cheering that much in multiplex(Whatever 17-18 odd movies, I've seen in multiplex). All people loved and enjoyed the movie. And, more than that it won my heart. Isn't that enough?? :)

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Haan uska naam Aashish hai. Abhi 15-20 din pahle baat huyi thi jab usne Gulaal dekhi thi aur twitter pe bakchodi kar raha tha.. Tab phone kiya tha usne and he lost the battle. Hihi :D I mean, see ki wo Anurag ko the best of Bollywood bolta hai aur criticize karta sirf meko tease karne ke liye. Nautanki sala.. Devotee of Hollywood.
Usne forum kafi time pahle chhod diya. Abhi animation arena me course kar raha hai. Aur uske baad Director ban'ne ke liye, kahin bade institute me Jane wala hai. Kamina bol rha hai ki wo mujhe villain ka role Sale pahle lightman to ban ja.. Hihi :D
joke apart, he is really talented. Kuchh karega banda aage.. :)
good to hear that........but mera aik dost h jo mjhse promise ly kr betha h 4saal pehlay ka k ''bhai agr tu hero bn gya to mjhe villain laina, phir main tjhe khoob maroon ga'' :D  ....yeh villain wala angle to acha lgta h.....bad guys always rock......koi mjhe langda tyagi bna dy, thok dn sb heroes ko:@
Yeah, it happens. Among my friends group too, since there is hardly anyone who takes movies stuff so seriously and are possessive and I'm more in, so they use to say stuff like ki bhai tu to director banega ek din, write banega, mujhe apne movie me rape wala scene de dena blah aur tu galat profession me hai.. Tujhe mass communication karna chahiye tha, tu bahut upar tak jayega, tujhe ye hai, tujh me wo hai..
I mean kafi exaggerate karte rahte hai.. And, I always tell ki bhai I'm nothing.. Jis online community ka main member hoon, wahan mere jaise thousand pade huye hai and way better than me. But sabko to apne role ki padi huyi hai.. Wo to itna advice dete ki you should at least join Bhojpuri. You will change face of Bhojpuri :D
Bhojpuri ke face ka pata nhi, mera jarur change ho jayega.. Hihi :D

but kya pta hum waqae kuch bra kar jayein......think always big8-)
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ye chhote mote stars ke fans sud not talk about MOVIE of GLOBAL MEGASTAR KING KHAN

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Yes your honour.
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You were considered to be most neutral and respected user here. Thats good. I thought you as a gud salman fan. But no no all bhaitards are same. Kick 4/5 really. Kick was gem for indian cinema. Just fu¢k off.

by Super-star (194k points)
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@TB if you called DDLJ, KKHH, K3G as overrated also I wouldn't have said anything but you're calling them what now? You definitely deserved JHMS & Zero.


Oh, so concept of opinion seems alien to you too, what's with your newfound love for these shitty movies? Never knew you like craps, even though you're a Salman fan.


And yes, incase you forget it, DDLJ, KKHH, K3G are infact Trashy movies because of whom we have to bear likes of JHMS & Zero.

So you could say that DDLJ, KKHH, K3G lovers deserves JHMS & Zero, not me.


Haha see that rothlu trade analyst u turn...:D

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You never treated Salman's movies in this way then why HNY. Leave movies of Salman you can be biased even i am fully biased for Akshay starrers but i still remember your review of Dhoom3.
You wrote almost every thing right for HNY but you don't see such things when you are watching an commercial entertainer. Aapne toh postmortem hi kar diya movie ka.
Truly an biased review for an SRK starrer

by Second Unit Director (75.3k points)
I wrote Bang Bang's review too like this only. Even for Kaththi.

As far as Salman's movies go.. Kick & Jai Ho reviews are exactly what & how I felt about them when I watched them for the first time. I was not keen because of Kick & Stalin, I went to watch Salman Khan & that's exactly how I got my money's worth. I knew what was I getting into, I had known the story before itself & I was expecting some changes & right amount of entertainment. It's not like I was laughing at one joke for 10 days. Definitely no, it was at that moment how I felt watching the film. The review & rating of Kick & Jai Ho were completely based on that. You can read the reviews again, you'll clearly know how much I've praised the film & how much I've praised Salman Khan, what has more weightage in my reviews of Kick & Jai Ho.

And most important thing, I should like what I see in order to praise it.
your rating is still ok with 2/5 but your words are too harsh.
Well I've perfectly explained why I am harsh. Even while watching the movie, I tweeted the same & I'll say it again. It was good to see all the actors trying hard to save the film but the film itself seemed to be mocking them. This is what made me angry. Even if you see CE, at some point, the movie starts supporting Srk's acting efforts. That doesn't happen with HNY.
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Best user here with the best review.BTW i got to knw a lot of spoilers by reading the review nd cmnts..Anyway,madar...chhod na yaar kya fark padta hai,hai to ghatiya film.

by All Time best! (295k points)
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Too bad you didn't like the film. But how is it when compared to other biggies like CE, Kick and D3? Better than Tees Maar Khan and Ra.One? And what about its box office prospects?

by Assistant Director (46.9k points)
It's anyday better than TMK & Ra.One. I would rather watch CE than HNY.

Business wise... It has to do well. The kids are liking it, I doubt the same will be the case with the elders. Either way everyone will come to watch the film once, but the film fails to attract them to watch again.

With the hype, it will be a safe venture. How much more than 200cr it'll do, that have to be seen in the coming days.

In the long run, the movie will get affected.
Agree CE was better..!!
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Deepak tu pahle movie dekh tujhe movie jarur achhi lagegi......... aur achhi na lage to phir jo dil kare bolna
Bro i definitely watch this on tomorrow ............
Till then i do my job with full perfection (Haters job).
okk do it.:)
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It's your opinion but I really enjoy this movie very much. It is best entertaining movie of any superstar after 3 idiots. (although ZNMD, MNIK, DON 2, ETT, S26, Holiday were better movies but not entertaining as HNY).

Aur rahi baat dil jeetne ki to bahut dino ke baad aaj maine audience ko cinema hall me movie ka majak banate nahi suna.

by Production Accountant (26.5k points)
Bhai wo wdc koi dance karne to nahi gaye the. Aur jo comic scene the wo bhi entertaining hi the. Aur heist ka kam se kam koi plan to tha, jiske according unhone ne chori ki. Bahar kaise nikalenge iski excitement bhi thi. Kick aur Dhoom 3 me to bas chori dikhate hai kaise kiya kuchh pata hi nahi chalta. Jaise ki things or money rakhi hai aao uthao aur bhaagao, bhaago , bhaago. Aur bande jitna nach sakte the utna to nache hi, patriotic theme tha dance performance ka audience emotional hui, judge bhaad me jaye.
"patriotic theme tha dance performance ka audience emotional hui, judge bhaad me jaye."

This is exactly what made me hate that entire episode. Arre yaar Indiawaale hai izzatdaar log hai, apne dum par jeetenge... cheating karke kyun jeetenge?

Plan kiya, locker khol diya, diamonds chura liya aur bhaag liya.. aur aadhe mein bhaagna bandh aur patriotism shuru. How many dimensions will you give for one scene? Plan kiya, khola, churaya aur bhaaga... kuch toh dikkat dhikate karne mein. Aaramse locker tak pahunch liya, dikkat ek hi tha aur woh Junior B ne kachcha nikal kar solve kar liya... aur ek dikkat tha 30sec stroke ka jisko Boman mein 30sec mein hi solve kar diya lock khol ke.. I am not saying the planning was wrong, all I am saying is they could've made it little more tighter making it little more exciting. Arre yaar apna hero jeet raha hai toh excitement hi nahi milega toh kaisa chalega? Sab kuch ek hi jhatke mein ho jaata hai. Ok you will take D3 & Kick's name here saying they didn't show anything. Yahi main keh raha hoon na, ki HNY mein dikha the hai bas jo dikhate hai woh entertaining ya exciting nahi hai, yeh mera complaint hai.
OK dude you are happy with your opinion and I'm with mine.
BTW maine tumhe koi vote nahi diye na up na down. up ka sawal hi nahi aur kisi ke opinion ke liye down kya dena.
Votes ki chinta main karta hi nahin. Always welcome for sharing honest views.

You questioned my views, I tried to defend it. I didn't try to change your views because I respect it. You shared what you felt & I've shared what I felt, that's all.
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From what I have heard it seems the worst movie of the year, maybe better than Humshakals.
Garbage in candy wrapper.

by Assistant Director (52.4k points)
It is better than TMK..and yes, 2nd worst film of 2014..after Humshakals..
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I still remember how good was your review for dhoom3 and I realized after watch how bad was dhoom3. I shouldn't say anything btw I respect ur opinion

by Producer (115k points)
Suhas bhai: just asking, was ur reaction same when in Silver Linings Playbook they get those points in finale???
Hmmm.. let me ask you another .. was your reaction same for Srk's 70mins & Deepika's 7mins dialogue from CDI & HNY respectively?

I hope you get how your question sounded to me. Slight clarification, no.. I don't consider SLP's guys getting those points in the final & Srk's speech in CDI as the same. So I hope you get the main point & not get distracted over this.
Even they made the dialogue in funny way, only target of this was entertainment and it provides so, what's more??
i was asking about SLP cz they didn't deserve those points in SLP too......that seemed unreal in that film also.....i was just asking if u consider that finale dance of SLP worthy of those points in a film which is tried to be treated like a real film n not a masala one.....n if u didn't like the finale dance of SLP then how much it hurted or can hurt ur views about film
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are you telling me that you think dhoom 3 and kick both are better then HNY. U must be kidding me right now. I literally fell asleep during kick. dhoom 3 ki toh baat hi mar karo. only aamir's acting kept me interested. Very Very disappointed in your review

by Assistant Director (43.1k points)
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Well you are entitled to your opinion and your liking thats why i couldnt give you a down vote. But general public will lap it up more then kick and dhoom 3 thats a guarantee
That's not even my concern here. All I did is to share my views. What general public does is left for their own choice. If it's more than Kick & D3 then also it's good for the HNY makers.

I've watched KICK way too many times so I'm tired of it. 2 months back if you had asked which to pick between Kick & Hny, I would've said Kick now I'm just tired. Dhoom 3, well I've watched it only twice, once FDFS, second time on tv. I wouldn't pick Dhoom 3 anyways. In case of HNY, it's the same. I would watch CE again which is almost over an year since I watched it but HNY is the first Srk movie of recent times which I've hated. I disliked Ra.One but had not hated it.

If you think I'm thinking extreme, then I've one entire paragraph written in the review. It's the last paragraph, go through it again & you'll understand why I hated the film. I went to watch Srk in a masala commercial no-brainer movie only, even then I ended up disliking it. That's why I purposefully mentioned ZERO expectations.
i can only say one thing to you. give it some time when it is out of your system. give it another shot at tv. BTW my second show is booked for tomorrow. this time with friends and a special friend. She is a big salman fan
Let's see when it premiers on ZEE.
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hahahha look at all these stupid freaking idiots..... defending HNY...the worst movie ever.... against a guy who gave honest opinion..... and kudos the suhas ... he answered everyone in a civilized manner ..... and look at some of these so called GOOD AND SENSIBLE SRK FANS.... guess time anay pay sab ki asli aukaat nazar a jati hai....
HNY was the worst movie and they called it best movie ever.....
i was confused btw which is the worst movie out of dhoom 3 and HNY out of movies based on heist..... but looking at these srk fans... they think... HNY is some kind of CITIZEN KANE.

in sab srk fans ko aik aik kar k .... nanga kar k .... chowk main khara kar daina chahiye.

by Super-star (198k points)

Bhai m samjta tha kuch log sach me cinema lovers h, but bahot logon ki asliyat dikhi is post me. Thanks to Suhas bhai...

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This post alone has more views than TZH trailer post :D

Way to go Suhas!

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

Well my reviews were awaited then.


They still are

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Don't believe this Person, most biased Review i ever had Read.
issi bandey ne Kick 3-4 star diye they,

by Casting Director (17.6k points)
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hny best movie of the year 300cr gaurantied.... :D

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)

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