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Arre nahi...Bakch●di ka fan hun and Uska pehla usool;
Hath mai Rakho Ghora Daba Do Thoda...
Simply Chutzpah....
Daba do thoda?? Hihi :D Well, I too like Bakchodi. But, this time you might know wrong data. Movie is really good and I think natural fans will also praise it. :)
Arre I haven't watched movie so how I cannt say negetive about movie!!!Just trying to figure out wom...
I will watch and will give my opinion...
Till Then Timepass maar raha...
It's okay then. Well, watch it. Hope you will have good time watching it. Made with very light manner. And give your views. Would like knowing. :)

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Most of the Srkians always try to create negativity whenever any big star's movie release whether it is Dhoom 3 , Kick , Jai Ho , Bang Bang & Boss but now when they are getting same treatment from other users they start acting like big loooooooooooooosers..........
Weekend will be huge due to holidays but after that :P:P:P:P:P

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look who is talking abt downvote ,u nd ur 2rs gang started it by giving neg vote to iamlostsoul's review without any reason watsoever so jaisa karoge vaisa bharoge

btw there is bad news for u,hny is much better than my expectation so get ready to be will break all d records of d3 inc all circuits nd countries

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Four people I know saw HNY late night. No one among them have positive thing to say about the movie despite two of them being Srk dams. Seems movie is on par with bang bang ie grand scale but not entertaining. People are saying HNY is too long and boring.

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Meanwhile my post which is completely unbiased as already got 5-6 negative votes.
KIds and SRKians will like the film...

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Its the second worst film of the year after Humshakals as per many. No matter how much they downvote, after 1st day it will crash badly.

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just check the list i updated and u will find the critics review as well as everyone was saying critics review is negative i have provided the links as well the Critics review is mixed to positive while Public Response until now is quite positive

Reviews From Critics

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Zyada natak mat kar,sab negative reviews kaha hai,sirf positive dalega be
‪#‎ HNY‬Rating…
dubai magazine-1.5/5
bollywood masala-2/5
komal nahata-2/5
bollywood india-1.5/5
indian exp-2/5
headlines today-2/5
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Tune film dekhi hai?Kyun kutte ki tarah bhauk raha hai.Ohhhh dhoom3 ka opening day beat karega na isiliye teri aakh bhar aayi.;(

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Tera to roz ka hai 10 bhi chadh jayenge to tujhe kam hi padhega meri apni ek limit hai haath jodh liye ab kisi aur ka pakadh........ mera matlab hai kisi aur ko pakadh.
dekho main jaanta hoon tu mera kyan pakadna chahta hai lekin try karna bekaar hai aur tu toh sau der sau ko bhi ek din mein nipta sakta hain lekin mein ter jaisa nahi hu.
Arre yaar hum bohot hua na tu [email protected] hai na mein [email protected] hoon.I am sorry for whatever i respect u and your star.Ladai Khatam karo.
Chal phir khatam kar (handshake)(handshake)

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