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jeuolesy at its peak.

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Don2 ko nikal do to sarak chaap film ka triple hattrick mara hua hai srk.

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You liked OSO so how are you bad mouthing HNY without seeing it

you say CE as sarakchap then one fact for you
Ce was only masala movie or srk in years after that HNY and his next is FAN and Raees so if you think that FAN and RAEES will be sarakchap films then good help you because normal people won't be able to help you

Salman did masala after masala since 2010 - oh he is just entertaining people
AAMIR did DHOOM 3 - (not a masala film but not a good quality movie even though i like dhoom 3) for you it become one of the best movies of Bollywood lol even aamir fans won't say that d3 is one of the best movie of Bollywood
SRK does one - oh look at him he is doing sarakchap movie crap film taking Bollywood level down lol



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If ce and don 2 are sarakchap than d3 and talaash are also sarakchap.

by Assistant Director (43.3k points)
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Aamir has already done-First Dhobi Ghat,then Talaash and Now Dhoom:3....


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look who is talking the guy who loves biggest 3rd class,mahasarkchap movies of indian cinema likes of aashiqi2,dhoom3,the_laash,db nd many more nd who consider bunny singh better than sonu,mohit etc ...

u better concentrate on your 9hit actor who is struggling to get hits nd gives on an avg 1 hit in 4 years ...

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A sarakchap actor's fan is saying that.(finger)

by Assistant Director (45.9k points)

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