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U find Great way to shut their mouth up,bdw i think saare Srkian ab so gaye aur main vi sone jaa raha hu so tum akele ladhna parega bt ek baat kehna chahta hu "HAARO TOH HARO PAR IZZAT MAT UTARO",i mean jamke fi8 karna abhi so gud ni8,fi8 like a real champ.

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Ye post ke upar aa raha hoga......
0 is getting mostly positive reviews from audiences which matters.....critics rating doesn't matter...we have Fan & Raees for Critics.......and it is getting mixed to good ratings from Critics too and IMDB rating is excellent 8.2.....
yes bro haters tried their best to spread rumors of negativity but actually the thing is different film is performing  exceptionally well here in gulf countries and looking advance booking it will rock india tomorrow
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ShameOn9Hits Actors fan...hypocrisy nd double standard at its best

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At the end of d day "HE" has only 9 hits.....its a different thing that sum so called biggest fan try their best by changing their colour as per d situation....paragone of hypocrisy just like d actor himself!!!

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36th flop of srk with 6 losers coming today lmao.

by All Time best! (295k points)

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