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Oh Boy!! Bad news.
I didn't watch the video. Booked fdfs tomorrow, don't want him to ruin it.

Let's see, he had bashed Kick & I had actually enjoyed it very much but ofcourse Salman factor had done the major contribution there. So tomorrow afternoon I'll let you know my views, if you're following me on twitter then you would be getting few hints through couple of my tweets in between the movie.
suhas will wait for ur review. post  it soon after u watch
@Suhas I'm watching it FDFS too. Morning 9AM. And yeah, I follow your twitter account from both Main Site's and My personal account. :D So will check it out! I'm hopeful that the film will be at least entertaining!
I liked the end part where he talks about the family biz lol (giggle)

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Whatever the review...we all know it will do GOOD COLLECTIONS World Wide (Business Wise).....
But kind of film it is-- Typical Masala Genre -- as i mentioned before will not be Easy to cross D3 collections it was predicted by many members that it will be a cakewalk to cross D3....
But domestic..
I will say it will cross 200 ...for sure...

If it crosses 250+ then it will be a great achievement(especially for Farah Khan kind of film making) ...and

If it crosses D3...then no words to collections answer for itself...

Even if it doesn;t cross D3.....good thing SRK fans can happily live with is that it will CREATE some sort of records in one way or other.....

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He predicted 175cr thats bad news..Even he is criticising movie for its pace and runtime..He said its bachkani movie which assures that wom wont be neg but it will be mixed.I didnt watch the story part but from performances and direction portion i think movie is below avg..One thing is sure movie wont do 200cr.

by Super-star (161k points)
With the buzz HNY is carrying.. only negative wom can stop it from becoming a 200cr grosser. Aaramse watch the movie first & decide yourself. Then come back & enjoy the box office updates in the website you prefer. KRK predicted 180-200cr for Jai Ho, did it do that much? The problem is with the story, if the film succeeds in entertaining then the story isn't a problem anymore for Indian audience.
suhas i love you,will you marry me?(giggle)
First marriage proposal to me & it's from a guy.. Hmmm interesting !!!
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This guy has gone wrong a couple of times in the past. he praised CE. i hated it. he made fun of raanjhana and i loved it. so its a 50/50 type of thing. i will watch it in 5.5 hours. i am not very good at writing reviews but i am a very fair judge of a movie. so lets see what happens. hope for the best. prepare for the worst

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KRK is d Same Guy Who Predicted 80 Cr. For 'YJHD'...He Also Predicted Big For 'Jai Ho'...Who Cares??

175 Cr. Toh Week Mei Hoga INSHA-ALLAH

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Sad News!.......................

by Producer (107k points)
Really sad news, D3 opening day record z soon goin to b mercilessly crushed....haha!!(giggle)(giggle)(giggle)

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